Which are the best metals for wedding rings?

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The wedding ring is a traditional symbol of union and commitment for the couple. While wedding songs are playing, the bride and groom exchange their alliances to seal their marriage with an object they will wear on their finger for a lifetime. The material from which the wedding rings are made has a symbolic meaning, besides being decisive in its design, durability, and ease of conservation.

Silver wedding rings

Sterling silver produces inexpensive wedding rings but no less elegant and of lower quality than other noble metals. Sterling silver contains a minimum of 92% pure silver and 7% copper, which makes it durable and resistant.

If you have chosen vintage wedding invitations, engraved silver rings may be a perfect option for you. It is widespread for silver to become dark over time. Silver wedding rings can become a faithful lifetime ally. Silver can be combined with other metals and has deep spiritual symbolism.

Gold wedding rings

Gold is the most used material in wedding rings. There are different shades – yellow, white, and pink. Yellow gold requires minor care, besides being a little cheaper than pink and white. You know that it is straightforward to keep it in perfect condition, as it will be enough to wash the rings with a mild soap. Come on, and it is the king of all metals. Gold wedding rings will be the ideal complement.

Platinum wedding rings

It is the purest and most precious of noble metals. It is much more complicated than gold and silver and is, therefore, the most durable. It is also heavier, which is why a platinum ring has a lot of presence. It is the most expensive since it is a rare and challenging material to obtain.

Likewise, it does not require any maintenance. Its hardness makes it ideal for setting precious stones. Therefore, if you want a diamond wedding ring, a platinum ring will guarantee a perfect fit.

Titanium wedding rings

It is darker, lighter, and matte than silver, although it is possible to find it shiny. Its price is economical, and its appearance is dazzling since it is very resistant and does not deteriorate quickly.

However, it is difficult to manipulate, and jewelers require special machinery to work with it. If you are allergic to any metal, the titanium wedding ring is perfect for you.

Carbon wedding rings

Carbon fiber is a very resistant material weighing three times less than steel but with more excellent resistance. Many couples have opted for carbon fiber alliances. Its main aesthetic characteristic is its unique black color, suitable for the most daring couples.

One of the advantages offered by this chemical element is that the alliances will not need any maintenance over time since carbon is unalterable to use.


Once you have chosen the alliances, you can look for accessories of the same hue to complete the look of the groom’s suit or to add some small ornamental detail to the wedding hairstyle. Whichever metal you choose, you must enjoy wearing the ring. Consult with the jewelry experts on this information.