Ideas to Market your Small Sunglasses Business

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Small or startup businesses usually do not have access to professional marketing organizations or advertising companies. They also rarely have large budgets to market their products. Small, regional, national, and small brands need to be very creative to help them maximize their account, using different mixes of tried and tested advertising techniques, promotions, and public relations, as well as guerilla methods with little to no money involved. This is why promotional products such as T-shirts and face caps, customized tote bags and backpacks, even Personalized Baseballs and beach balls, will always continue to bridge the marketing gap. Planning before executing will help entrepreneurs get the most out of their promotional and marketing budget.

Create an effective plan

Before spending the marketing budget, entrepreneurs need to devise a plan to identify their most likely consumers and target ways to get their message to them. Knowing the target consumers is not enough to help them effectively market their products to potential consumers.

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Find out what the customers have in common, like ethnic background, marital status, or age. Thorough research can reveal that the company’s best potential buyers of their sunglasses are people ages 18 to 65. Now they can start creating advertising schemes, marketing messages, promotional plans, and public relations strategies to reach their target market. Do not spend money on promotions or buy advertising unless that festival, radio and television station, magazines, or newspapers attract that particular group.

Create eyewear brand

If the company has competitions, they will want to set themselves apart in the eyes of their target market and potential consumers. Creating a unique selling point for sunglasses or designing a brand will allow the target consumers to check out the product or shop with the brand instead of their competitors.

Eyewear companies can create a quality brand by communicating their benefits, not their company information or product features. Starting advertisements with a tagline, “For over 50 years,” or listing the materials used for making the eyewear talks about the company and not the consumers. Why do individuals purchase the sunglasses or its competition? Is it reliability, price, convenience, or status?

Build the eyewear brand around why individuals want to purchase the product and communicate the message in all promotions, public relations, and advertising. Eyewear products like Dita sunglasses need to always use the same tagline or slogan on all of their marketing schemes and materials to reinforce their brand.

Test the eyewear market

If a company is not an expert in promotion and marketing, they need to make sure they don’t spend all their money on one idea. It is like putting all your eggs in one basket. If you believe the radio or television is the best way to market your sunglasses and you have researched which stations have the most listeners or viewers in your target market, do not gamble your budget on your intuition.

Only spend some funds on these strategies until you see results. Companies may want to pay 10% of their budget with one television or radio station and 10% with other stations so on and so forth. They need to see if their other choices actually produce good results. They may want to test newspapers, magazines, television, or radio and see if one method works better before spending the majority of their advertising money on one platform.