A Peek in the World of Photography: Myths & Facts

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You saw a bunch of beautiful images on social media and feel like clicking some of those on your own. You find the life of a photographer interesting – clicking photos all day, traveling and going on different adventures. You have been clicking photos on the phone and decided to buy a camera for yourself to hone your skill further. If any of the sentences describe you, then my friend this article is for you. If you think photography is an easy job with no whatsoever required efforts and learning, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Photography, as easy as it may sound, is a serious job that takes consistent efforts and constantly updating yourself with the new trends in the community and advances in technology.

Here’s a better and deeper look at the world of photography:

Want to be a photographer but are waiting for better equipment? If equipment is all that is stopping you from getting out and clicking some photos then you should read this – expensive gear is not necessary for you to click the photos that you want. Yes! You can start by clicking on your phone. No need for an expensive camera or costly lenses. The important thing is to understand the features and the technicalities of the camera so that you get your desired shot. You can even get another photo app if you don’t want to use the default app on your phone, to bring a variety of controls in, while capturing a photo.

Another mistake that many beginners make is thinking that even a bad photo can be made good or even better in photoshop. Hate to break it to you but photoshop only helps make a good photo better and not a bad photo good. The solution to this is taking the best possible shot on a camera with proper lighting. Sometimes due to very harsh light, the overall photo quality decreases and this cannot be fixed in photoshop or any other photo editor application. Take into consideration all the factors like ISO, shutter speed, exposure, focus, etc. for the best possible image, but also remember to not get too stuck in technicalities and follow your instincts. While editing images make sure they are in RAW format rather than JPEG for better results of your edits in the photo editor.

Professional photographers have a trained eye, which can only be gained through a lot of practice and perseverance. Many photographers try to convey a story or message through their photographs with the help of different angles, lighting and locations. Remember, you do not need a location to shoot nor a tripod, all you need to do is start clicking whatever you find interesting. You can always keep your camera or phone by your side and shoot images that intrigue you, do this consistently and practice with different features each time. Photography cannot be ever fully learned, there always will be something or the other new to learn.

Just start clicking!