Why Reusable Face Masks Are the Better Option

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The solution to reusable face masks would seem like an obvious one, but for those still confused it’s important to get a full understanding first. Face masks are a fairly new product and although the initial concept was created in Japan a few decades back, it has gained increasing popularity in Europe over the past few years. With a growing consumer base, environmental concerns are now much more mainstream and companies are realizing that they need to be responsible for their actions too. The alternative to disposable plastic face masks is reusable face masks.

Despite all the sceptism and debate surrounding reusable face masks, here is why reusable face masks really are the better option and much more eco-friendly choice. The reusable disposable plastic of disposable face masks is continually being used and discarded with no regard for how this will affect future generations, and the majority of these masks eventually end up in our waterways and oceans. A recent study showed that a large proportion of plastic packaging consumed in the UK is either non-biodegradable or extremely difficult to degrade. This worrying trend should not be ignored, especially as plastic bottles are known to damage the sensitive marine environment, making the average consumer feel helpless in trying to protect our precious marine habitat.

Another important factor with reusable face masks is that they can be worn by anybody. Unlike disposable plastic, a reusable mask can be worn by a child or adult, making it even more appealing to the public. Children who suffer from allergies or asthma are now able to safely enjoy the fresh air and exposure to contact and breathing by wearing a mask. For adults too, wearing a mask when exercising, gardening or just spending time outdoors makes them feel good about themselves and helps them get involved with the communities they are a part of.

When selecting a face mask one should ensure that the material used is 100-percent cotton. Although, there are many brands and designs available, many companies are now using more recycled and eco-friendly materials to produce their disposable or reusable masks. By choosing a brand that uses recycled and eco-friendly materials, consumers are helping the companies at the same time as helping the environment. However, simply buying a name brand face mask is not enough as you need to make sure that it is made from a high quality product too.

It has recently been found that disposable face masks that are made using poor quality materials can result in an increased risk of contamination and illness. Disposable masks, which often come into contact with human skin during daily wear, have the potential to contain bacteria, fungi and viruses which can cause serious healthcare problems. Recent studies have shown that healthcare workers often carry these harmful pathogens on their person when they work. Therefore, quality is paramount when considering which brand or type of disposable face mask you are going to use at your work site.

To further improve upon the safety of the wearer, many disposable face masks feature a lifetime warranty. This provides employers with the peace of mind that should their workers experience an accident; the company has an option of replacing the entire face mask, or parts of it, for a small additional cost. Because disposable masks have become such a common workplace item, many companies offer a full 100 percent cotton guarantee on their products. Therefore, purchasing a superior brand will ensure that you get the best in comfort, ease of use and durability for your next job site.

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