The expert reviewed buying guide to pick the right emerald

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Emerald gemstones have been put to use since the ancient ages in the form of a luxury manifestation. Precious gemstones are good enough for the range of uses. It becomes essential to keep in mind some features that will ensure picking the genuine emerald gemstone. So, go through the Emerald buying guide.

  • Colour

The most demanding and preferable point of the emerald is the green color. Divided into three categories, tone, hue, saturation color becomes the essential aspect of being noted while picking emerald. You can also get the blue or yellow (Bluish-green), (Yellowish green) that proves to be the amazing one. The tone in emeralds’ case proves to be lighter or dark in hue. So, you can get the right pick in terms of the primary color. You can get the emerald with vivid rich green color in terms of Saturation. It also comes with uniformity in the hue and tone of color. You can get the Swat Emeralds’ availability that comes with 087 to 090. Besides, you can also get the 099 to 102 type. Rich green with lots of depth makes these stones stand out. You can also get the balance of yellow, blue hue with green that will give the outlook of pure green. This aspect proves to be the important determiner for the quality. You can get a bright, intense green that proves to be neither too dark nor not too pale.

  • Clarity

Clarity proves to measure the number of inclusions that come with the gemstones. Better the clarity, better is the quality. In case you fail to notice the inclusion in emeralds, you must note that it may not be pure emerald. Based on liquid, gas, or other minerals, you can get the inclusion of emerald-like chromium and vanadium. You can also spot the inclusions by your naked eyes in emerald pieces. With the marks like cleavages, fractures, growth lines, or embedded lines, you can rest assured that it is pure emerald. Besides, note that any kind of bubbles or perfection in inclusion is a point you should be alert of. You can see the significant difference in emeralds in terms of cloudiness that can vary the transparency.

  • Treatments

Emeralds undergo treatment to cover up inclusions. Some of the most favorable improvements are like oil treatment or resin to enhance clarity. Cedar oil, Polymers, Synthetic oil are also good for treating emerald.

  • Cut

You should observe the shape, width, depth. Note that emerald comes with proper proportion and has symmetry. You can also get the availability of oval and round cuts. You can rest assured that the well-cut emerald turns out to be sparkle and reflect the light adequately.

  • Size

A bigger emerald means the gem is more valuable.

  • Shape

You can get the availability of the Oval, Rectangular and square emeralds that prove to be beneficial for astrological purpose. However, it’s good to remember that only lab certified emeralds find a use for astrological purpose.

Final words

Pick the emerald stone you find is the most suitable one for you. Each of them is the most favorable to match the preferences.