The Art Of Lab-Grown Diamonds: How To Buy An Ethical Diamond

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Lab-grown diamonds are also known as ethical diamonds or conflict-free diamonds. Usually, natural diamonds are mined that are not supported by the human rights department. It’s not environmentally friendly, either. When the natural diamonds are mined, the process is harsh and challenging, which the workers have to suffer from.

On the other hand, lab-grown diamonds are created in the lab with different methods within a short period. It’s a much more convenient, fast, and effective process to produce diamonds. 

This article will give you a buying guideline on ethical diamonds that will be helpful for you.

Do Your Research: First, you should know about what lab-grown diamonds are. Once you are knowledgeable about the facts and details, you can decide how to shop for your diamond items. Lab-grown diamonds are now highly accepted since they come with affordability, versatility, and high quality.

You can check people’s reviews while choosing the brand before shopping for engagement rings or other jewellery items made with lab-grown diamonds.

Get Ideas from Your Jeweller: If you have a reliable jeweller, you should get into a discussion about lab-grown diamonds. You will know how they are processed, the carat size, cut, clarity, and colour details. 

You will also know about the purity check you will get from the lab-grown diamonds.

Know about the 4Cs: It’s required to know about the 4Cs (cut, carat, clarity, colour) of the lab-grown or ethical diamonds before you buy them. Usually, natural diamonds and ethical lab grown diamonds are separated based on these 4Cs. You will not find any significant visible differences between these two diamonds, but the microscopic details will tell you.

The clarity check is always very intense with natural diamonds. It’s filled with impurities or inclusions; whereas, lab-grown diamonds are lower with the amount.

The colour ranges vary a lot in lab-grown diamonds, but natural diamonds have specific colours only. The cut of the lab-grown diamonds is more specific in details other than the natural diamonds. And the carat sizes also vary in lab-grown diamonds.

Get an Expert: You should always get your lab-grown diamonds checked and tested with a professional when buying them. Since you can’t identify them in bare eyes, you will need microscopic or other testing details. An expert can tell whether you are purchasing a pure ethical diamond or not.

Get Your Certificate: It’s a must to have your certification when buying lab-grown diamonds. This is the clarification that you are purchasing an accredited or certified lab-grown diamond. You will have all the details in the certification, including cut, carat size, clarity, and colour checked. Make sure the certificate is from a reliable source like IGI or GIA. A diamond certificate helps you resell the diamonds later as well. It’s the ultimate form of determining the purity of the diamonds you buy.

Overall, make sure you ensure these few facts before buying ethical diamonds.