Business Casual Fashion: A Beginner’s Guide

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If you’re not part of half of the companies in the US that allow casual dress, it’s likely that your workplace is stressing “business casual” instead. But what does that mean?

Business casual fashion is the type of clothing that you wear to still appear professional and put together, but you don’t have to wear formal outfits. 

Are you still confused? Don’t worry because we are going to talk about what you can consider to get started with a business casual or smart casual wardrobe.

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Consider Collared Shirts

Collared shirts work for both men and women that need to look nice for work, so you can find different materials, colors, and patterns that work with your personal style.

It’s a good idea to try these on in the store and get them tailored professionally if you need to so that they look just right.

Think About Getting Some Sweaters

If it’s the right time of year for sweaters, you should also get some professional-looking sweaters. These are a little less smart casual, but look great when paired over a complementary collared shirt. You can wear them alone as well if it works with the outfit, but make sure to do a little practice with putting together outfits first!

Dressing for work in the colder months means you have to get a little more creative, so finding warm sweaters that will also keep you comfortable while on the job is important. 

Find the Right Kind of Pants

Business casual pants can be slacks, skirts, chinos, or khakis. In some workplaces, you can also wear dark jeans, but check with your employer first to see if they allow this.

The main thing with pants is that you want to choose a pair that will be comfortable to wear all day, doesn’t get in the way of your work, and is also able to match with a lot of your tops. Instead of buying a bunch of work pants or skirts, choose a few options that work with most of the shirts or blouses you own so that you can easily mix and match. 

Be Mindful of Shoes

Any business casual outfits you put together still won’t look right if you don’t have the right shoes. You need shoes that are closed-toe and still professional, but you don’t have to necessarily go for dress shoes or heels. Some shoe options that generally work include riding boots, loafers, oxfords, heels, or flats. 

The type of shoes that you want will depend on the sort of work that you do but also the rest of the outfit you’re wearing. 

Don’t Forget Your Accessories

No outfit is complete without the finishing accessories, whether that is a belt, earrings, or the perfect pair of socks. For many business casual outfits, you’ll want to go pretty simplistic with your accessories to make sure that you’re not being distracting to coworkers (or yourself!). 

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Finding Your Own Business Casual Fashion

As you can see, business casual fashion isn’t actually that difficult. It comes down to what you’re comfortable with wearing, but also what is most appropriate for your workplace.

You can always do a little bit of planning beforehand to make sure that you have outfits that work, and don’t be afraid to repeat after a little while to avoid creating unnecessary stress.

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