How do you plan a simple wedding? 

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Coronavirus pandemic has impacted every aspect of our life and that includes weddings. Today, the majority of the couples are planning small and simple weddings. The number of guests and the scale of wedding have a direct impact on the cost and the arrangements of a wedding ceremony. 

With only close friends and immediate relatives invited, the bride and groom have plenty of time to spend with their guests. From getting to know each other’s families better to saving big, there are various advantages of simple wedding. Saving from wedding expenses allows you to invest on more meaningful things like a diamond wedding ring or a honeymoon trip with your spouse. 

If you want to keep your wedding celebration intimate, this article is for you. 

Today, we are going to discuss how you can plan a small and intimate wedding function. From sticking to your budget to making your ceremony memorable for guests, this post has it all. So, without further delay, let’s get to the details.

Keep your guest list short:

Every couple has their dreams associated with their wedding day. However, sometimes, their pocket doesn’t allow them to celebrate the way they have envisioned their big day. Keeping the list of guests smaller not only allow you to serve your guests with the best but also lets you enjoy your big day how you have always wanted. By keeping your number of invitees less, you can maximize your budget. So rather than inviting 150 guests and serve them with cake and punch, half the number and offer your beloved ones a four-course dinner. That’s how you can make everything go the way you desire. 

Be more thoughtful while choosing your wedding card: 

If you are having a grand wedding function, you will choose any wedding card that suits your budget. However, while arranging a simple wedding with only 50 to 75 guests invited, you can be as thoughtful and creative as you want. To make your simple wedding even more special, take out you art supplies and get all crafty. Be more thoughtful by investing time and energy into designing wedding invitations and thank you card. Hand written cards make your wedding a more personal of an affair. This way you can even tell your guest that they are the “chosen few” to make them feel honored to attend your celebration. 

Attention to the Details for the win: 

When you plan a small wedding, every detail matters. Don’t hire a wedding consultant for an intimate function. Keeping it simple doesn’t mean you need to put in minimal effort. It means you can make the most of what you have in the best way possible. To make that happen, attention to detail is required. When it comes to smaller wedding, there is not hiding behind the crowd. Details that may have gone noticed with hundreds of guests invited will be obvious when only fifty attendees. 

Yes! Planning a small wedding can be over whelming as well. If you feel you cannot manage it all, then hire a professional to help you. After all, it’s your big day so everything needs to be on point. 

Make it fun: 

The best thing about having small and intimate wedding ceremony is you can enjoy however you want. With only your closest friends and family around, it is easier to get everyone into the act. There are so many ways to keep everyone entertained and included. You can ask each of the attendees to read one line of a prayer or form a circle around you as you exchange your vows. Arrange a big table and seat everyone together at the wedding reception. Let the attendees play their desired music to keep them entertained and engaged. 

Consider Destination Wedding: 

Let’s admit! We have all desired to have a destination wedding. However, catering to big list of audience makes it impossible for even the richest of the couples. Planning a simple and intimate wedding can bring this dream of yours to life. You can ask you’re nearest and dearest to tag along to your wedding destination be it mountains or exotic beaches, choose the destination that suits your budget. Make your big day memorable for all without going out of your pocket. 

Simpler weddings are the best when planned thoughtfully. Follow the above mentioned tips to have a wedding ceremony straight out of a fairytale.