Luxury blankets that draw the attention of one and all

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There’s nothing more comfortable than snuggling up with a cozy blanket during winter. Blankets are the quintessential winter necessity in every home. Be it a bedroom or the living room; every corner of your house deserves a comfortable and soft blanket. Imagine coming home after a cold and chilly night. Your blanket will serve as the warm haven to give you all the comfort you need. 

There are so many ways in which you can style up your interiors using luxury blankets. Sure, blankets are an essential requirement, but you can also use them to add to your décor. Sometimes people think that blankets can only be used in the bedroom. That’s a wrong notion because new designers are focusing on blending blankets to every space in your home. 

What’s so luxurious about luxury blankets?

Luxury blankets are designed to give you a rich and comfortable feel when it’s cold outside. They’re usually thicker and fluffier than normal blankets and therefore provide extra warmth. However, some luxury blankets are also thinner. These thin blankets are made from luxurious materials like fleece or cashmere due to which they have excellent warmth retention. 

You’ll be spoilt for choice while choosing luxury blankets for your home. There are exquisite designs specially woven to make your interiors warm during winter. It would help if you were careful while buying a luxury blanket for your home as different blankets need different washes. Here’s a detailed guide of various types of luxury blankets and how to care for them.

Luxury blankets you need to have in your home

Pure cashmere blankets 

Nothing beats the luxury and comfort of pure cashmere. These are lightweight and offer superior warmth retention. Some people think that only thick blankets will shield them effectively from cold. That’s not the case. Even thin cashmere blankets will provide you with equal warmth. Cashmere has deep air pockets in the material that will trap the heat and prevent it from escaping, thus keeping you warm.

Reason to buy: Pure cashmere is lightweight and keeps you warm all the time. It doesn’t shrink after washing and retains its shape even after repeated washes.

Wash instructions: Cashmere is a durable material, but you need to take care of them if you want them to last. You can dry clean your blankets to clean them without damaging the fibers.

Double-sided faux fur blanket

Faux fur is trending globally as one of the best luxury blankets. From interior designers to homeowners, everyone will agree that faux fur is both durable and comfortable. These blankets are warm, plush, and soft to touch. The dense fibers trap the heat in the interstices and prevent it from escaping to the cold air. Double-sided faux fur has dual fur layers that act like two blankets to retain warmth further. 

Reason to buy: Faux fur is durable and low on maintenance.

Wash instructions: You can wash your faux fur blankets in the machine but remember to dry it on low heat. 

Tahari Mink fur blanket

The tahari mink is an excellent choice for luxury blankets as it is available in various colors and designs. Mink has a dual-tone texture and creates striking visual effects. The surface is silky smooth and soft to feel. Premium fur has millions of fibers that give a plush texture to the blankets. You can even lay these blankets on the sofa or the couch to snuggle up during winters. 

Reason to buy: Tahari mink will enhance the posh décor of your home. It gives excellent warmth even during harsh winters.

Wash instructions: Even if it appears soft, Tahari mink can be washed in the machine. Keep the temperature low and avoid adding bleach while washing. Liquid detergents and fabric softeners will increase the longevity of your blanket.

Oversized woolen knit blankets

Knit blankets can instantly transform your home into a postcard-perfect picture. Oversized blankets are suitable for the bedroom as you can wrap it around yourself and comfortably read a book or watch a movie. It’s perfect for 2-3 people, so your entire family can easily fit inside the blanket. The knit texture of the woolen blanket will keep you warm and prevent the cold air from entering. It’s a cozy, soft, and warm blanket that’s ideal for every home.

Reason to buy: Knit blankets look classy and come in printed varieties. They look gorgeous with every décor and are the perfect choice for winter.

Wash instructions: Knit blankets can be washed in the machine at room temperature. You can even dry it in the device itself if you keep the temperature low.

Fleece thermal micro plush blankets

When the weather is harsh and cold, a fleece blanket can instantly help you feel at ease. Fleece is an incredibly soft material and feels like butter on your skin. It has no large fibers protruding out of the blanket, so you get a neat and elegant look. The micro plush fibers absorb heat and retain it effectively. Usually, the micro plush fibers are made from high-density polyester, so the blankets are lightweight.

Reason to buy: These are very easy to care for. You can even use them outdoors on the patio or your garden during cold winter evenings. 

Wash instructions: Fleece blankets can be washed in the machine with cold water. However, you cannot tumble dry a fleece blanket in the machine.

Luxury blankets are the winter staple of every household. Experiment with colors and choose contrasting shades to give a vibrant décor to your house even in gloomy winters. However, read the wash care instructions carefully to avoid damaging your brand new luxury blanket.