Get Familiar with Modern Fur Styles to Decide Which Suits You Best

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Furs are evergreen, even if the styles change. They are versatile and their look evolves with trends. Which styles suit you needs sorting to the different styles. There is a classic piece that will suit your taste. 

Modern fur styles

Real fur jacket

The jacket is shorter than a coat in length. Wolfie Fur jacket can be worn casually on different occasions. You visit their website to check on a variety of colors, styles, shapes, and length options. Even if they are regarded as classic the pieces designed today look modern and sophisticated.

Real fur coat

You can pair a fur coat with a casual dress or blue jeans. The modern twist on the vintage fur makes them versatile than they were in the past. 

Fur stoles & wraps

Depending on the fur type, you can drape a wrap in warm months to make a statement. The options available are extensive. 

How to identify fur types?

  • Mink fur is short and flat, the pelts are narrow and long. The mink piece appears wet and shiny. Light in weight but still thick. A mink coat is a popular vintage style that is connected with Hollywood glam and glitz. 
  • Fox pelts are available with head and tails. Fox fur is longer and soft. It is available in colors like red, silver, white, beige, brown, and blue, depending on the fox species. 
  • Rabbit fur is less expensive as they are accessible everywhere. You get the feel of a cat body when rubbed across your face and its color can be any shade of white and black. As mink was popular in demand, rabbit furs got dyed to resemble it. 
  • Beaver fur is the sturdy, warm, and hard-wearing type on this list. Check the density and warmth of the fur. It hardly sheds or falls apart. 
  • Raccoon fur resembles fox fur. It is soft and longer but its color sets it apart from fox. 

Buying a real fur coat, jacket or stole is an investment that will serve you for life. So here are some tips to consider while buying it.

  • Real fur is soft and the hair taper to a fine point. 
  • Try a burn test to identify if it is real or faux.
  • Check underneath the lining to feel the back of the fur.
  • Labels indicate the source of the pelt.

Make sure to buy from reputable furriers!