3 sales options to sell clothes online on internet

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We will focus on how to sell clothes with your online store, how to sell them on internet platforms and how you can do business selling used clothes with your second-hand store or platforms.

Create an online clothing store

If you have the idea of ​​creating an online clothing store running in your head, it is a very good option. First, you have to take into account some aspects and what online clothing sellers should know. At this point, I am going to point out some aspects to consider about how to sell clothes online by creating your online store to sell Teddy Fresh Merch.

Before and during the process of creating your online store to sell clothes, you should take into account the following:

You should take good quality images: Keep in mind that customers are used to going to a street store and going into the fitting room to see how the chosen garment looks before deciding to buy it. To bring this experience closer to our clients, you must take photos with sufficient light, with a neutral and clear background and the perfect clothes, without wrinkles.

Set the price of each garment. Do not go over the price, study the competition and put competitive prices based on their quality and design. It is important that you highlight your differential value well to avoid fighting for price.

Describe the garment well: Explain perfectly how the garment is, its fabric, the brand or manufacturer, composition and advice for its use and how to combine it, etc … In this way, you will avoid customer anger and claims. Specify the materials and the season well to avoid purchase errors.

Create a size chart

To know correctly how to sell clothes online, we must explain very clearly how sizes are determined. Make a table of how our clients should take measurements at home (waist contour, neck, sleeve length, chest contour, etc.), so that when you have clear your measurements, you can see in the table that size must be ordered without mistake and without fear of returns due to size requests.

Create outfits with your garment

If your customers do not decide on a garment, make outfits (looks combining garments teddy fresh shirt), with image capture and editing programs, to create your own looks of the garment that you sell together with others from other stores or brands and with accessories. In this way, your client will know how to combine it and decide to buy it.

Shipping and returns costs

Today the shipping costs of clothing stores are very low and practically all online clothing stores allow free returns to bypass the barrier of buying something that you have not seen and that depends a lot on how it fits you.

How to sell clothes with your store

Once the store is created, it is time to take the necessary actions to be able to sell your products.

The fashion sector is booming before other niches. The ease, wide catalog, diversity and the comfort of buying the garment you were looking for from home without having to make a “via cruces” through the stores and shopping centers, have made this sector continue to grow constantly.

Joining this market can be a great advantage for you and even more if you develop a regular clientele that buys their clothes online. Selling online can be done in a number of ways. The owners of online clothing stores can sell their fashion items through the available sales locations or divide their sale into several different online locations.