How to Dress to Improve Your Mood

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\With the way the world is going, it’s no surprise that your mood fluctuates at the slightest provocation. In fact, there might not even be a known trigger anymore. You just wake up one day and don’t feel like being your usual bubbly self. It’s normal to have your off days, and if you want to turn things around, there are several things you can do from Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger.

Even your clothes can be a way to uplift your mood. Here are some ways to do it.

Look at Your Favorite Outfits

Sometimes, you don’t have to wear your clothes for them to help uplift your mood. Those precious pieces you hold dear, perhaps because they were worn on a special occasion or they have been one of your more indulgent purchases, can already make you happy just by looking at them. If you want to look at your wedding dress but don’t want to unpack the garment, look at your wedding pictures instead. Transport yourself back to the day, or from the night before the big celebration. Think of all the preparation, how you were writing your vows while a face mask for women was on your face. Think of how you shared your first dance with your spouse after you’ve been pronounced newlyweds.

Wear Clothes that Fit You Well

If you’ve been feeling like the quarantine has put your life in a standstill, you probably think the only thing changing is your waistline and your mood. It’s hard to find the motivation to exercise too if you have so many things to do while you’re at home. There’s all the meal prep and tending to the family, and you also need to get your work done. Why not do all those while wearing clothes that fit you well? This is a way to put your mind in the active zone so that you feel less lazy about doing your tasks, and it will also improve your mood because you’re proven wrong about your clothes not fitting you anymore.

Choose Cheerful Colors and Prints

People have different ways of coping when they’re in a bad mood. Some of them may choose to turn to exercise or to sing their favorite songs loudly until they calm down. If you’re looking for a calm way to improve your mood without drawing attention to yourself, you can simply dig through your wardrobe for some colorful prints. Then, take a few silly selfies. Having fun with yourself is the best way to relieve stress, and the wacky photos can also be posted on your social media. This is a good way to uplift your mood without making your family worry about you, especially when they’re at home with you all the time.

As the saying goes, it’s okay to not be okay sometimes. You can choose to ride out your off days and return to your old self the next day, or you can also try to change your mood for the better through simple ways. Both choices are valid as we cope with these quarantines.