Flatter Yourself With The Perfect Wedding Guest Dress

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You are all excited to attend your best friends or your cousins’ wedding. You have RSVP’d with a YES, booked your stay, applied for leaves, and are all prepared. But what do you wear? You want to dress tastefully and impress others at the reception.

Are you worried about what to choose? Then look through the extensive range of wedding guest dresses. There are a variety of extensive outfits. These are feminine to floaty silhouettes and sleek and figure-hugging dress that lets you flaunt your figure, the choices are endless. The wedding guest dresses come in unique prints that add to the drama.

Here are some tips that can help you to choose your perfect wedding guest attire and be a real stunner at the party.

Follow traditional etiquette

The wedding dress should be able to transit seamlessly from a traditional to a wedding celebration and match the wedding theme that you are to attend. White and black usually are not an option at most weddings. To be safe, it is best to check with the bride and the groom about any dress code.

You can take hints from the invitation itself. Black tie, cocktail, and white tie let you get a clear idea of the kind of attire that you should wear. You can choose to go casual or formal accordingly. The invitation color also gives a slight hint about the brides’ dress color.

Investigate a bit about the venue. It will let you get some hints on whether the location is for an outdoor or indoor reception. It, in turn, lets you choose your attire appropriately.

A wrap dress in floral prints looks adorable if it is a morning outdoor wedding.

Choose a maxi dress if the bride and groom will be meeting in a church. Keep religious modesty in mind when the venue is a house of worship. Strapless dresses and those with a deep neckline are not recommended here.

The wedding essence and your dress should match

Certain dresses are appropriate for some weddings. An outdoor and daytime wedding can be complemented with a light dress. However, the same dress would turn out to be overly casual if it is a sophisticated reception in the evening. The weather and the time of the day play a key role in helping you decide your wedding guest ensemble.

A party dress does not double up as a wedding guest dress

Wedding guest dresses are modest in their length and neckline and also come in less bold patterns and colors. Party dresses, on the other hand, are flamboyant. It could be a fashion blunder if you happen to wear a party dress for a wedding reception. Classic floral prints for a day time wedding and a midi length dress makes it just right.

Accessorizing is the key!

Your wedding dress teamed up with the right jewelry, shoes, and handbags lets you finish the effect. An elegant hand bag or clutch lets you exhibit a classy look. The strappy heels are cute but make sure that it matches the color of your dress.

The final look

Want to appear fabulous in wedding guest attire? Then purchase an outfit that matches your personality and blends well with the wedding theme. Choose the style and color of the dress and tone it with the right accessories. A thoughtfully and tastefully curated ensemble is what lets you strike the right balance where you do stand out but at the same time do not upstage the bride. With a plethora of wedding guest attire options available today, be it a formal, casual daytime, or an evening wedding, you virtually have every style available that is sure to fit the occasion perfectly.