Basic Jackets: Which ones Every Man Should have?

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The Leather Sucks

It is the jacket of the bad guys, of the dangerous ones, of those who like to play with life. The Schott brothers created this leather jacket in the 20s of the last century to protect motorcyclists from accidents. It fit so well that they named it ‘Perfect’. Soon, it acquired a certain popularity among the young rebels who adapted it to their daily look, and so on until today, when Jeff Goldblum has made it his second skin and we all know that Goldblum dresses better than you and me together.

The Bomber

It is the jacket of the superheroes of the early twentieth century: the aviators, because the bomber we know today is the light version of the flight jacket designed by Leslie Irving in 1926 (the first version of the aviator jacket was made of leather and lined with sheep). The nylon padded version (known as MA-1) is the work of Alpha Industries, and due to its history, straddling the war heroes of the 50s and the most rebellious youths of the 80s, it has become a basic jacket that serves for everything. Even the presidents of government wear it.


The trends of recent years have brought back multi-pocket jackets and Lil peep skull jacket, and here the queen is the Saharan. Its origin is military, like that of half of our closet. During the colonial period, it was part of the soldiers’ uniform. Their light cotton or linen fabric allowed them to cope with the heat in Africa and camouflage themselves in their surroundings due to their color (between earth and khaki). Yves Saint Laurent turned it into a luxury object in the 60s and today it is dressed by Prince Charles of England to David Gandy and David Beckham. You will recognize it by its four pockets, its chevrons on the shoulders and for being adjusted to the waist with a belt or girdles.


The blazer is another of the garments that cannot be missing among the basic jackets. At first glance, it may look like a suit jacket, although they have certain differences, the main one being that the fabric of the blazer is sportier than that of the jacket. If you combine it with pants in the same tone, you will get a casual suit. And if you wear it with jeans and a T-shirt, you will have as a result the casual uniform of the 21st century.

The Technique

If we had to define the aesthetics of the last decade with a style, we would undoubtedly do so with streetwear and, therefore, with sportswear. The sweatshirt, the tracksuit and the sneakers have become an object of worship in our wardrobes and, in terms of jackets, those that have triumphed are those of technical and light fabrics, that is, those made of those materials that were normally used for sportswear, such as nylon or Lil peep fashion shirts.

The Favorite

Here we come to an essential point. All previous jackets validate with “The favorite”. Finding that jacket that is useful for everything and that you do not take off at all is more important than having a closet full of other models. We are not talking about a jacket that fits you well, but about that irreplaceable jacket. When you find it, nothing will separate you from it. There are not two, three or four, it is only one. The first and only option that changes even your mood.