Best Tips To Keep Your Tattoo Safe Always

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Keeping your tattoo safe is one of the most crucial things you need to do, especially if the tattoo is a new one. Making sure that your tattoo is safe and well away from the potential harm, elongates its lifespan and quality. If you have just got yourself inked, then here are the top tips that you can check out to keep it safe.

  • Never Pick The Scabs – you should never pick at the scabs that come out. Regardless of how small these scabs are, you should not pick them. Doing this can lead to a light spot which can require further touch ups later on. In worst case scenario, it can even lead to an open wound with blood oozing out. That can lead to bacteria growth.
  • Keep Away From The Sun – the sun is always the worst enemy for your brand new tattoo. That is why you need to avoid exposing it to direct sunlight. When your skin is just healing from the tattoo, you have to keep it covered whenever you are going out. Use a cloth to cover the tattoo and avoid the sun to have a negative effect on it.
  • Eat After Getting The Tattoo – once you have got the tattoo done, we will recommend you to eat as soon as possible. A cookie, or a chocolate bar always does the work. This is because with all the plasma coming out of the fresh wound, and for sitting so long at the parlor, your blood sugar levels can go down dramatically. A small snack will always help you to get relief from the pain and keep your mind calm. This is even more effective and true when the snack you eat is sweet.
  • It Takes Time To Heal – it can take a lot of time to heal for some tattoo. It depends on the size and kind of tattoo you have just got. You need to be really patient when you have got a new tattoo. For some people, the tattoo can take around 4-5 weeks to heal as well. Use a good quality tattoo ointments and allow the tattoo to heal properly.
  • Remove The Bandage – once you have got the tattoo, the artist will cover it with a thin film. Don’t forget to get this off from the tattoo. On an average you should take the film off after 3-4 hours you have got inked. If the tattoo is larger in size then your artist will tell you exactly when to take it off. But always make sure to remove it within 24 hours or else it can cause problems.

So, these are some of the top tips that you need to follow when you have just got a tattoo. Use a high quality tattoo aftercare cream and take good care of your tattoo for next 3-4 weeks. Let us know how your experience was!