Five Ways to Enhance Hotel’s ROI with the Bedding

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When it comes to the hospitality industry, one can never predict the rise and fall. This is because various factors have a significant impact on the overall ROI. But, that doesn’t mean a hotel manager should never try making the most out of the available situation.

Did you know, besides enhancing customer satisfaction, hotel linens and beddings can help in boosting a hotel’s ROI, too? 

Well, if you weren’t aware of this fact, then it is time to understand how beddings can boost the ROI. All you need to do is, keep reading this blog to unveil the tips and tricks. 

Let’s begin!

1- Let the bedding reflect your brand and choose it wisely

Does your hotel have an official colour? Well, then start by using beddings that match the colour. You can even get the logo embroidered on the decorative pillow to add a hint of professionalism. 

Many hotel bedding suppliers are ready to blend the brand with the bedding itself. Just ask, and you will determine what your options are.

Also, make sure that you purchase linens as per the hospitality industry’s standards. This is because regular beddings will never survive the commercial laundry’s rigours. 

2- Avoid washing the bedding with harsh chemicals

We know you want to offer your guests and visitors only the best. But, that doesn’t mean you should let the beddings and linens undergo harsh chemical treatments in order to look best. 

If possible, avoid using products that contain chlorine. Even though many laundry supplies manufacturing companies avoid using chlorine, but some still do. So, be vigilant and check the ingredients to have a fair idea of what formula is being used to treat the lines.

3- Have enough linens in stock

As a general thumb rule, it is best to have three sets of sheets for every bed. This way, if one is in use, then another one can be in the laundry, and the third will be one in the storage, ready to be used.

By following this rule, you can also cut down the number of times one single sheet goes to the laundry, therefore making it last longer.  

Also, to save a few bucks while restocking the inventory with new linens, always opt for hotel bedding wholesale. 

4- Consider the thread count

Your hotel linens must have basic single pick construction to achieve a balanced weave. These types of sheets are softer to touch and have a tighter weave. This means you can enhance your customer’s experience and even gain outstanding ROI from a wear and tear perspective. 

Also, work with genuine suppliers who will help you choose sheets based on your budget and guest’s needs. 

5- Keep a close eye on quality and colour

Keep in mind, super-fine yarn may look impressive, but they don’t do well when it comes to commercial washing and ironing operations. 

So, choose the yarn quality accordingly. 

If you wish to bring some pop of colour to your hotel rooms, then start with the bedding itself. Festoon lines on duvet covers, pillowcases and even shams can help you achieve the aesthetic. 

Over to you

So, are you ready to use the tips and tricks suggested above? Well, then we are sure you might need some new hotel beddings, too. In that case, connect with Linen Plus for hotel bedding wholesale