3 Ways to Make Breastfeeding More Comfortable

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Breastfeeding or nursing has been strongly recommended for many years. Experts like the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists suggest breastfeeding throughout the baby’s entire first year of life. This long period of nursing may have some new moms asking themselves how they can make the experience more comfortable for themselves and their children.

Every person is different, so some solutions may work for one person and not another. Part of the reason for this fluctuation is that some babies prefer short, frequent meals, and others prefer long feedings. These preferences also phase in and out as your baby grows, so it is crucial to make sure your breastfeeding setup will be supportive through all stages of development.

1. Set up a designated area for comfortable breastfeeding.

You may be feeling uncomfortable while nursing because the area you use for feeding time simply isn’t up to the task. Your nursing area will depend on your personal preferences, but there are a few suggestions you may benefit from considering:

  • A comfortable rocking chair that will provide lumbar support to mom and a soothing rocking motion for baby
  • A quiet corner of the room with a soft armchair and blanket
  • A chair with an adjustable back that can move with you when a position becomes uncomfortable

Sometimes, you don’t have a say in where and when your baby needs to breastfeed, for instance, in public. However, that doesn’t mean you are doomed to uncomfortable feedings. If your baby requires frequent feedings while you’re on the go, try packing a light bag of comfort items to take with you.

2. Use a nursing bralette.

One of the quickest ways to maximize your nursing comfort is to invest in a nursing bralette. These types of bras offer additional support for nursing and pumping. Not all nursing bras are the same, so it can be helpful to conduct some research before making a purchase. Adjustable straps, halter straps, and convertible features are a few things to watch out for when making your selection. The fabric should also be free of chemicals and safe for contact with a baby’s sensitive skin. For example, Simple Wishes’ SuperMom Nursing and Pumping Keyhole Bralette is Oeko-Tex Standard 100-approved.

3. Comfort yourself and your baby with a support pillow.

Holding the same position for an extended period of time can be uncomfortable. Even short, frequent feedings may begin to wear on your neck and back over time. A great solution to these issues is a feeding and support pillow. These pillows come in various shapes and sizes, so you will be able to choose one that best suits your individual needs. Most commonly, they are in the shape of a half-moon, like a travel neck pillow.

This shape is perfect for placing your baby in a comfortable position to feed. Additionally, it can provide older children support to sit upright. While shopping around, look for a nursing pillow that is ergonomically designed so that you can use it for propping and tummy time as well as feeding. Having a nursing pillow that doubles in function is essential for the needs of your growing baby.

Great moms are always looking for ways to make life easier for everyone. Each of the tips mentioned above can help make nursing time more peaceful for you and your baby. With extra pillow support, you can relax and focus on bonding with your child rather than worrying about repositioning. Bralettes are perfect for nursing and pumping time, especially when you’re out and about and need to be fast and efficient.