5 Ways to Style a Biker Jacket

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Biker leather jackets have come a long way — from being worn as a motorcyclist’s accessory to becoming a symbol for punk bands in the 70s. It tends to be more eye-catching than a casual, fashion-wear leather jacket because it has many more features, such as buckles, zips, poppers, and more. 

Fashion maestros would always recommend a slimmer fit. However, some people prefer an oversized, vintage look. 

Here are five of the most stylish ways you can wear a biker jacket.

Styling Tips for Your Biker Jacket Look

Biker Jackets with Casual Ensemble

Now, most guys do not care too much about looking aloof. All they need is a casual-formal blend, and they are happy to sport that. For those people, throwing in a pair of blue or light shade chinos is the perfect combination with a leather jacket.

For girls, this look goes perfect if they have some leggings of matching shade put on and short, cropped jackets on top, preferably a darker shade. Wearing a white tee can never go wrong, and you have got yourself a classy outfit.

Leather Biker Jackets with Hoodies

Hoodies have become the staple casual wear of the Millennials and Gen Z, but anyone can claim the style as their own with a unique twist. Enter biker jackets in the picture. Guys can have the upper hand with this style: you can wear any colored hoodie underneath a stylish leather biker jacket and pair it with some boots or Timberlands, and you have got a sleek and stylish look.

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Biker Jackets with Embroideries

For people who enjoy putting on embroidery as a means of personal expression, there are quite a few designs for you. Some rock stars can even inspire you, and go ahead and stud your biker jackets with hand-painted florals, stitched military markings in gold, or significant markings on the back. Some styles even have denim or flannel block prints in rectangular pieces stitched to the back of the jackets.

Biker Jackets with Turtlenecks

You can bring out the funky side of you by mixing your black leather jacket with a violet or emerald turtle neck shirt and some metallic jewelry. You can see how girls can have a better look with this savvy coordination. For men, we have a casual monochromatic style, as it is minimalistic yet screams class. Guys can put on some derby shoes to complete the whole outfit look as well. 

Biker Jackets with Formal Shirts and Ties

Let’s be frank: not every guy can pull this look off. Sadly, if you are not athletic or have round shoulders, the whole look might come off as a bit trying too much. Even for athletic guys, if they go for biker jackets with a formal shirt and tie, the less is always, the better.


Whether you like fashion in all its seriousness or have a casual approach towards panache, you must be ready to invest in a biker leather jacket any day. Maybe you can try the different styles listed here to figure out which is your forte, but we guarantee these are the best ways of wearing a leather biker jacket.