Everything To Know About Tattoo Sunscreen

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Direct sunlight is never a good thing for your new tattoo. You must avoid exposing your tattoo to the sunlight in the initial weeks. Sunlight can negatively affect your tattoo and cause the ink to fade away more quickly than you expected. So, how are you going to protect it? Using a good quality sunscreen seems to be a great option at hand. Whenever you go out in the day, there’s always the risk of your tattoo being exposed to the sunlight. Sunscreen helps you to protect the tattoo. In today’s blog we will discuss important details about sunscreen.

Benefits of Using a Tattoo Sunscreen

There are great benefits of using a sunscreen. Take a look at some of them in this segment –

  • Sunscreen keeps the tattoo moisturized and helps it to heal over time. It allows the tattoo to dry and prevents it from bacteria and other impurities.
  • Whenever you apply sunscreen, it avoids the skin around the tattoo from getting a sunburn. Sunburn can cause serious problems to the skin and does not allow the tattoo to heal naturally.
  • Sunscreen helps you to keep your tattoo safe from the UVA and UVB rays of the sun big time. Both these rays from the sun can damage your tattoo more than you can imagine.

So, these are some of the most amazing ways in which a tattoo sunscreen can help your tattoo to remain safe and avoid any damage.

When Is The Right Time To Apply Sunscreen?

You must keep in mind that a new tattoo is an open wound and you cannot apply the sunscreen over it for the first few days. These creams contain ingredients which can irritate the skin and cause more harm than good. So, you must wait till the time your tattoo is healed. Usually a tattoo takes 3-4 weeks to heal properly. Only after that, you can use sunscreen to heal your tattoo and go outside. You must wait before the tattoo is healed properly and only then you can use it.

How To Protect The Tattoo Before That?

Before you can apply sunscreen and protect it from the sunlight, you can cover the tattoo with a clean cloth and go outside. Cover it with a loose cloth and keep it over the tattoo till the time you reach home. This will ensure that the tattoo remains covered and safe from all the harmful UV rays of the sun. Only after the tattoo is healed, you can use the sunscreen.

Final Words – using a tattoo sunscreen is a good idea to keep it safe and maintain its quality. No one wants their tattoo to fade away before time and ruin the whole thing, isn’t it? So, follow the tips that we shared and understand the best ways in which you can keep the tattoo safe at all times.