12 Personalized Christmas Ornaments You Can Buy For Your Home Or As Gifts To Family And Friends

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We all know that when it comes to gift buying and gift giving, it is the thought that counts. However, even if you are planning to give gifts to your friends and family, finding the perfect Christmas gift can still be overwhelming.

Well, if you are in this particular dilemma, we have one advice for you: buy them personalized Christmas ornaments 2020. Ornaments are a thoughtful and creative gift that will surely melt the heart of the receiver.

2020 Baby Girl with Glittered 2020 Ornament – Pink

These personalized Christmas ornaments 2020 are the perfect way to welcome a baby girl into this world. You can add her name on the cap and even add a small and thoughtful message on the banner.


Despite a very difficult year, there will always be room for cocktails this festive season. Buy personalized Christmas ornaments 2020 that showcase what we have to be thankful for.

Coronavirus Medical Worker Ornament in Personal Protective Equipment Ornament

The COVID-19 pandemic was something none of us expected. Furthermore, it allowed us to be grateful for all those working in the health sector. Thank them with this very cute ornament!

Coronavirus Mask Ornament – The Year of the Blue Mask

Truly, 2020 is the year of the blue mask. Wearing a face mask has become part of everyone’s daily outfit. Establishments have encouraged us to wear them to further prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Thus, it would not be uncommon to see various Christmas ornaments featuring face masks this year.

Coronavirus Toilet Paper Christmas Tree Ornament – “We or I will Never Forget!”

During the first few months of this year, just before everything started going downhill, people were very cautious with the products that they buy. Toilet paper, alcohol, and protective gear were among the many things that quickly disappeared from the store shelves. Let us not forget with this ornament.

Coronavirus Family Ornament Ethnic with 3, 4 or 5 people

Despite a difficult year, we still have one another. This Coronavirus family ornament ethnic allows you to add 3 to 5 people and even personalized their names on it.

Computer – Happy Working at Home Ornament – Female

Another trend this 2020 was working from home. Got any friends or family members that have completely transitioned to working remotely? Here is the perfect gift.

Christmas Elf Ornament – “COVID -19 Can’t Stop Our Christmas

With everything that has happened, it is not enough a reason why we shouldn’t go ahead and do our usual Christmas traditions. Here is an ornament that would be perfect for that!

Canceled Volleyball Ornament

There have been so many postponed plans or canceled events due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This Canceled Volleyball Ornament is the perfect gift for someone who has been looking forward to showcasing their skills in the game.

Canceled Track Team Ornament

Here’s another ornament for your friends on the track team. Let them know that this is not the end.

Canceled or Virtual Violin Ornament

Aside from sports, we also have this Canceled Violin Ornament. However, since music performances can be done online, this is also a great gift for those performing virtually.

Baby – Snowbaby – Blue with Hearts Ornament – Born During Pandemic

Finally, the last on our list is the Baby Snowbaby Christmas ornament. This is for those who came into the world despite difficult circumstances. Now that is something to celebrate!

Christmas ornaments have always been part of people’s traditions. Find something to ground yourself with despite the many challenges this 2020.

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