6 Tricks to Ease Curly Hair Styling

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Having curly hair seems like a blessing and a curse at the same time. While everyone envy and compliment your bouncy curls, you know what a struggle it can be to manage them. The key to a loving relationship with curly locks is finding curly hair products that best fit your needs and then developing a unique hair care routine that works for you personally. Here are 6 tricks that will ease curly hair styling. 

  • Mix product “cocktail”

To deeply hydrate and define beautiful curls, mix two or more products that best fit your needs. For example, nourishing serum and hair shaping mousse is a combination that will help to smoothen, define and lock in your curls without leaving them dry or frizzy. 

  • Incorporate conditioning treatment

Choose a lightweight hydrating curly hair treatment to create a bouncy, defined hairstyle and to prevent hair from  frizz,tangles. Focus on the ends of your strands and do not overload the product otherwise hair can feel too heavy and lay flat. 

  • Detangle your curls

Carefully detangle each strand using a wide tooth comb brush. Start from the bottom of your curls and work your way up, this way you will avoid unnecessary damage and ripping. Wide tooth comb allows to gently separate each strand and does not disrupt natural curl pattern. 

  • Start using hair diffuser

If you are not yet using the attachments that come as an addition to the blow dryer, you must start now. Wide, round, spiky attachment is called diffuser and meant to distribute hot air evenly throughout hair. It prevents frizz, evens out the natural curl pattern and adds volume to the roots of your locks. Apply some heat protection and start steadily and evenly pressing the diffuser on your curls. 

  • Try out “pineapple” technique

To define curls overnight, keep the natural volume and prevent locks from tangling try applying “pineappling” technique. Gather curls at the highest point of the head and put them into a loose bun. Wake up the next morning with defined, bouncy voluminous curls without any worries. 

  • Switch to a silk pillowcase

It is the easiest way to prevent hair frizz, breakage, tangles and any unnecessary damage by simply sleeping. Choose a pillowcase that is soft and does not cause friction, for example, silk or satin. In the morning you will wake up to smoother, shinier and overall healthier looking locks. 

These are only 6 easy tricks to achieving manageable, shiny, defined curls. Try these out, let us know how it worked for you, share your experience and personal tricks that help you out to turn rebellious hair into gorgeous bouncy envious curls here @tlabprof_official. Love your unique natural hair, love yourself and keep on shining!