A Modern Guide to Styling Colorful Earrings

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Styling Colorful Earrings like a fashion pro : Top 4 rules

If you do love wearing a lot of colorful accessories, this is the guide you ought to read. We will take you down memory lane teaching lessons on coordinating colors. This will allow you to explore creative ways to wear colorful earrings. So get started to find tips on how to achieve a head-turning look with colorful earrings. 

#Tip 1: Either continue the same Color or wear the Exact Opposite

Do you remember the color wheel? The same principle applies here. Colors opposite each other create a compelling effect. So when styling earrings, follow this rule. The bright pink hoops look stunning with light blue attires and turquoise danglers go well with yellow shaded ones. As such, matching your outfit and earrings color as indicated in opposites on the color wheel is sure to gather appreciation. 

Another trick that goes well with colorful earrings is coordinating color with your attire. Wearing the same colored earrings as your outfit also looks impressive. Especially, if you are wearing a multicolored earring, make sure one of the colors in your earrings matches that of your dress. 

#Tip 2: Add statement with Colorful Earrings coordinated with Gold

Don’t refrain from wearing colorful jewelry. Experts recommend pairing colorful earrings with pieces of gold jewelry like yellow gold or white gold. The warm and subtle hues of gold neutralize the bright shades in your earrings. This combination boasts a stunning appearance and encapsulates classicism. So if you are buying jewelry gifts for wife, look for pieces in this combination. However, when matching gold jewelry with colorful earrings, look for common elements, whether in terms of shape or material.

#Tip 3: Grayscale with a Pop

If you want your earrings to outshine as a focal element, wear them with a black, white, or gray outfit. These cool shades beautifully complement the warm bright hues of yellow, pink, red, and orange. For a fresh appearance pair a bright colored tassel earring with grey formal wear. And if you want a fun element, wear pink and orange earrings with a white tee and black shorts. Stick to these color rules to let your style speak volumes. Use color in your earrings as an exclusive feature and the rest continue the same color in other jewelry pieces.   

#Tip 4: Go Monochromatic 

When in doubt, go monochromatic. Stay true to your earring color and wear a monochromatic outfit. You will surely get a look worth head-turning. Start with some quirky shades like pastels. For further fun elements, you can also turn to neon colors. 

Final Words

Colorful earrings are fun to wear so don’t be afraid to don them. These classic colorful earrings ooze coolness and are a great way to add a statement to your outfit. For an amazing twist add them to your jewelry wardrobe. So, next time you head to the jewellery gift store explore the collection of stunning colorful earrings.

For more inspiration on the latest earring designs stay tuned!!

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