The Secret of the Enamel Pin

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We all know it, being extra isn’t extra anymore. It’s mandatory. Standing out from the crowd used to be a rebellious act but now it’s mainstream. Everyone is crawling and scratching for the limelight and their “15 minutes.” It makes all the sense though; clout is life and the look to follow it up wraps up the presentation quite nicely. But if you’re not in tune with what’s hot, how do you even know how to live up to the expectations? Well listen up and find a different angle on styling up your look.

Clothes are the easy part of any outfit, obviously. So how does one add that extra dimension to take that outfit to the next level? The gear. The gear is everything and by gear we mean accessories, bags, shoes, jewelry and the like. And if that is still too obvious for you, lets get to the nitty gritty of this topic which is the enamel pin. Pins go by a bunch of different names such as the aforementioned enamel pin and then there are hat pins and lapel pins. They’re essentially the same thing, tiny little metal, jewelry-like accessories. A perfect addition to any look that gives a subtle sense of personal taste and style. That is accomplished by their ability to be designed in most any way lending them to being reflections of your personality.

Custom enamel pins can set you apart from the rest of your friends but they don’t just have to be attached to clothing. A pin can be found on your backpacks and purses to your hats and shoes/shoelaces. They’re beyond versatile because they can be anywhere and anything. If there is anything this current generation can appreciate is repurpose-ability and versatility. You’ll find both in a pin. Gone are those days of the temporary and disposable. For our future and for the environment, things that we purchase should last and be forever. Forever in style more like it. Jewelry and jewelry-like accessories fit the bill because of their metallic nature. No one wants to throwaway a shiny lapel pin, it just feels wrong. You can’t say the same about that $5.00 t-shirt at your local fast fashion store. 

So you know the secret of the youth and it’s something you’ve been familiar with all your life. Jump on the bandwagon and find that enamel pin that calls your name on stores like eBay, Etsy and Don’t be surprised to come across pin communities hosted on Instagram and Facebook because the fanbase for these tokens are huge. They’ll have all the insider information you could consume along with unique and rare finds that a discerning taste desires.