Choosing Fabrics for Best Dresses in Malaysia

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What should I wear today is the second most frequent question asked by any woman in the world. What should be the right fabric for my dress remains the second. With tons of dilemma piling up, let us decode the best fabric to make Malay outfits look classy and grand and increase their quality and comfort. Reputed clothing lines in Malaysia like Lai Chan Fashion, who have worked enough with Malayan dresses for decades, can suggest you with the best fabrics for creating your dress.

The Old Way of Outfits

Traditionally only two types of fabrics were used for creating any Malayan Dresses. One being cotton, and the other was silk. Fine satin was also popularised later by the Chinese immigrants in Malaysia. Floral motifs were used extensively for decorating the fabrics through embroidery. Silk batik prints and flimsy materials were the top choices for making unique festive attires. For the headdresses, Songket cloth was used extensively, which is a typical handwoven indigenous Malayan fabric.

Why is Light Fabric Used for Malay Dresses?

The one primary determinant of dress fabric for any country is the weather. Apart from style and fashion, comfort plays a crucial role in choosing which material is best suited for a country’s people. The geographical location and climatic conditions of Malaysia promote the use of light and breathable fabric for dresses. Therefore cotton and silk remain the top favorite for women. So, whether going for a party or long hours of work, men and women prefer to wear something light and comfortable which is best suitable according to the Malaysians climate.

What is the New Trend in Fabrics?

Recently, with the textile industry’s shifting paradigms, there has been an advent of modern fabrics. Malayan clothing is also experiencing similar dynamicity. Rayon is one of the most famous modern materials which is used for Malayan Dresses. With the whole world moving towards sustainability, Malayan clothing also adopts the same principles and chooses handwoven batik, a slight modification of the traditional batik as a new family member. Flimsy and light fabric can be the ultimate choice for creating Malayan dresses. Adding shimmery details to the dresses inform of embroidery remains a hot favorite in Malaysia.

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