Shopping for Safety Shoes: What to Know?

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Several workstations involve hazardous work environments which can put their worker’s well-being at risk if they do not consider safety shoes at work. When shopping for safety footwear, you must check it is applicable for all types of extreme areas and are capable of keeping injury at bay. Today, the possibilities and options of safety footwear are endless. But how you ensure that your footwear is perfect for your environment?

Here are a few shopping guidelines for safety shoes (รองเท้า safety, which is the term in Thai). The foremost thing of consideration that you must ensure durability and comfort.

Your Work Area is A Crucial Determining Factor

Always consider conducting a risk assessment to understand the risk factors associated with your job. This will help you to understand and explore all the potential measures to keep your workplace risk-free. To identify the hazards, present in the workplace, you must always do a risk assessment. The assessment will let the employers get familiarised with the different activities that can pose a threat to their health. And when monitoring the risk factors, take into account what kind of situation and will the wearer have to handle. 

The Essential Points Are:

  • Can the safety footwear be worn indoors or outdoors?
  • Is there any likelihood of falling objects?
  • Does the workplace include slippery surfaces?
  • Do you need ankle protection?
  • Would you have to deal with oils, acids, chemicals, or even animal fats?
  • Is there a possibility of you coming in contact with molten metal?
  • Should you have to face extreme weather conditions?

Learn Your Codes

Choosing fit-for-purpose safety shoes can be both confusing and complex. Thanks to the multiple styles and trending footwear available, it can be a challenging situation to know which is ideal for your requirement. However, you can make this task simpler by learning the safety shoe codes. Stringent guidelines are issued concerning safety shoes, so you must always be aware of the British and European standards.

Other Essential Points to Remember When Shopping for Safety Shoes

Accidents Can Cost You A Large Chunk of Money

You always get what you invest for and hence never settle with cheap pair of safety shoes as they might not always prove good and effective when it comes to protecting your feet.

Identify the Main Hazardous Locations in Your Workplace

Check the main areas and surfaces inside your work that result in hazardous falls and trips.

Avoid Choosing Safety Shoes Based on Catalogue Description

Never attempt at buying shoes based on the description given in the brochure. Always try them on yourself or buy them as per your fit size.

Safety shoes are one of the essential tools for workers working at hazardous workplaces around the world. They keep you safe from all kinds of foot-related traumas, injuries, and accidents. Besides, you can also be at comfort wearing the right pair of safety footwear.