American Dry Cleaning Company uses Eco-friendly Dry-cleaning Solvents

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  • The reason why so many millions of people use dry cleaning services to take the best care of their clothes and household fabrics is that they want them to look and feel good for longer. 

This is why dry cleaners are experts at cleaning garments and fabrics using gentle techniques that are known not to damage delicate or natural materials that would otherwise be easily damaged by regular machine or hand washing.

Some clothes become much beloved are indispensable to their owner, so trusting their care to professional dry cleaners, such as American Dry Cleaning Company, is essential if they are to be lovingly preserved and treated with the greatest of care. 

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Eco-friendly cleaning products

While old fashioned dry cleaning techniques used to involve some solvent cleaning chemicals that were not very good for the environment, these days professional dry cleaning companies have ‘cleaned-up’ their act, so to speak (no pun intended). 

The process of dry cleaning clothes and fabrics involves using a range of different cleaning materials, such as detergent or solvent-based solutions. These cleaning substances are used to gently remove dirt, stains, oil and grime all at the same time. 

The good news is that the American Dry Cleaning Company uses eco-friendly cleaning solutions, which is the act of only using those cleaning solutions and treatments that do not cause harm or damage to your health or the environment.

The benefits of eco-friendly dry cleaning

Using eco-friendly dry cleaning services help to preserve your clothes while causing no harm to the environment. This means that our industry helps to create a cleaner environment and improves the air quality for our staff and customers. 

There is no need to worry that eco-friendly cleaning agents are not as good at cleaning your clothes as old fashioned, harsher chemical solutions. These cleaning solutions are ecologically advanced and will help to preserve the original form of your clothes and will leave them with a nicer, more natural smelling fragrance. 

The eco-friendly dry cleaning solutions we use in our dry cleaning processes are odourless and colourless, so that means that our staff don’t inhale any harmful chemicals from the dry cleaning process and the colour of your clothes will not be tainted by any colourants. 

Our eco-friendly dry cleaning services also help to reduce water pollution because no water is used in the cleaning process, unlike machine washing at home that releases wastewater containing cleaning chemicals that need to be removed at domestic water treatment plants. 

Eco-friendly dry cleaning for all of your needs

No matter what dry-clean-only garments you own, you can trust that the American Dry Cleaning Company uses the very latest eco-friendly cleaning treatments. 

We will ensure that your favourite vintage dresses are well cleaned and pressed, or your wedding gown is expertly cleaned and spot-checked for stains or damage caused by dancing in high heels in your wedding, or snags from your jewellery. 

If fact, we can handle all of your clothing and household fabrics, including curtains, bedspreads, rugs and duvets and will expertly clean them using our eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

Do not hesitate to contact our friendly team for more information about our eco-friendly dry cleaning services.