Tips to Choose the Ideal Swimwear for Your Trip to Australia

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Australia is one of the largest countries on earth and it is the smallest continent between the Indian and Pacific oceans in the Southern Hemisphere. It is home to more than 10,000 beaches because the ocean surrounds it. It would take you 27 years to complete all of Australia’s beaches if you were to visit one every day. Meaning, there are plenty of beaches here that are waiting to be explored. Some top picks would be Wineglass Bay in Tasmania, Cable Beach in Western Australia, and Whitehaven Beach in Queensland. 

Who would want to miss visiting these beaches and experience beach life in Australia? Now, if you’re planning to visit one of their top beach destinations, you have to ensure that you prepare a fit yet chic set of swimwear in Australia. For that, check out the following tips on choosing the perfect swimwear according to your body shape that you can wear comfortably throughout your trip.

Broad Shoulders

If you have an athletic-looking figure, good legs, and broad shoulders, then your body is ideal for showing off in a swimsuit. To balance the figure, opt for wider swimwear with widely spaced shoulder straps. Never wear halter necks since it will only emphasise your broad shoulders. 

Straight Body with Little Definition on Waist

Choose the perfect swimwear in Australia with rounded prints and patterns that can help accentuate the shape, mould the figure, and complement some feminine softness and feminine curves to a straight figure. If you have lean and long legs, you can show them off with a high leg line.

Pear Shape/Small Bust

If you have a pear-shaped body, make sure to draw attention to your body’s top part. You can do so by using padded or pre-shaped cups to accentuate your bust line and choose swimwear with wide apart shoulder straps to emphasise your cleavage. For additional padding, opt for an under-wired bra. 

Tummy control can help control your tummy/hips. If your bottom and top differ in size, then wearing a tankini is the best option to wear since it provides similar flexibility to bikinis but with more coverage. Choose a deeper colour that will slim your hips and bright or light colours at the top. 

Muffin Top/ Midriff Bulge

To help eliminate a muffin top, and control any back fat, choose a swimsuit with detachable straps that can cut much higher at the back. 

Slender Figure

The beach body that all women envy would be a slender figure. For this body type, a striking swimsuit with lace detail and well-shaped cups can add appealing curves and texture. You can add ruffles and frills or add inches with a bright print as well. 

Large Bust

A large bust does not need to go with a full figure all the time but requires great support. Select a swimsuit that’s available in different cup sizes, similar to selecting a bra. You can also wear a printed swimsuit specifically designed with wider shoulder straps and fuller cups for increased confidence and comfort. 


Body types vary from one person to another. Thus, it’s very important to know which body type you have to find out which swimwear type would fit you best. Once you get the perfect swimwear, you’ll be more confident and prepared to explore the majestic beach destinations in Australia.