5 Tips to Wear Skirt Suits Like A Pro

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One of the most widely-worn pieces of attire for women is the skirt suit. This is a versatile and flexible piece of clothing that can be dressed up or down depending on your outfit. It’s important to know what separates a good skirt suit from a bad one, so here are some tips to help you wear skirt suits it like a pro.

Know Your Silhouette

Choose your skirt suit based on the silhouette that you want to present. There are three common silhouettes for women’s skirts: A-line, pencil (straight), and flared.

  • An A-line skirt is a straight line from hem to waist. It’s best to wear this type of skirt for formal occasions such as weddings and job interviews, because it will make you look more put together and professional.
  • A pencil skirt is a straight line from waist to hem, but it has a narrow waistband where the fabric folds in. This makes the skirt easier to dress up or down depending on your top. However, a pencil skirt can also look very matronly if you choose the wrong top to pair with it, so be careful when choosing your tops!
  • Flared skirts start out wide at the bottom and become narrower towards the top. These skirts are great for wearing with heels because they give you an extra 2-3 inches of height. For example, if you wanted to wear flats but still wanted some height, then try wearing a flared skirt with flats and add some heels later in the day.

Know Your Skirt Length

The first step in wearing skirt suits like a pro is knowing what length is best for you. A skirt suit should be long enough to cover your behind and not look too short. Ideally, the skirt should come down past your knees. Make sure you have some extra fabric so that it doesn’t look too tight or uncomfortable.

Know What Works for You and Your Outfit

When buying a skirt suit, it’s important to know what will work for you. What are your body type, your style, and the kind of professional events you will most likely be going to? The length of the skirt can also affect the overall look of the piece. A shorter skirt provides more structure to the suit while a longer skirt allows for more freedom in movement.

Know the Fabric and Texture of Your Suit

You want to be sure you’re choosing the right fabric for your suit. It should be a slightly shiny fabric with no lumps or bumps in it. That way, when you sit down, you won’t have any wrinkles in your skirt suit.

No matter what type of clothing you will wear, it is always important that you are comfortable with it. You have to make sure that it has the right fitting and it complements your style and personality for a confident look. It doesn’t matter if it is not that expensive as long as you wear it right.