The Best Brogue Shoes for Men to Get A Flattering Fit

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Brogue shoes are the perfect solution if you want a classic, timeless look without sacrificing your comfort level. Brogues have been around for centuries and their sturdy leather construction makes them one of the best options to wear at work or out on the town.

Those who want to invest in shoes that will last for years—and keep up with their style—should continue to wear brogues. Here are a few tips on how you can get the perfect fit from your new pair of brogues.

What Makes A Great Brogue

Brogues are made to be fashionable, but they also need to be comfortable. They should be a perfect fit thanks to their flexible construction and snugly fitted leather. Some brogue shoes for men have a slight break in them, so you should always wear your shoes around the house for about 10 minutes before you go out on the town. This will make sure that your shoes will mold to the shape of your foot with time.

To ensure that your boots are comfortable, measure the width of your foot from heel to toe. Next, measure the length from heel to toe. You could also use a tape measure if you want more accurate measurements.

Before you purchase a pair, it’s important to know what you’re looking for. When purchasing shoes, it pays to make sure that you get the perfect fit and the best quality. Here are some guidelines on how to find those perfect brogues:

  • Know your size
  • Avoid shoes with a lot of padding around the sole
  • Be aware of shoelaces
  • Examine their condition
  • Check for any defects
  • Read reviews
  • Buy locally

How To Wear Your Shoes

Wearing your shoes is a common issue, which is why many people prefer the comfort of a good pair of brogue shoes for men. When it comes to picking out your shoe size, be sure to get a pair that fits you well. If you’re wearing them with socks, measure from the tip of your toes to the top of your shoe. However, if you’re wearing them without socks, measure from the heel of one foot to the tip of the other foot.

If you are unsure about how your shoes should fit or if they are too loose or too tight, try wearing them around for a few days before buying them. This will help you figure out if they fit perfectly.

The Best Brogues for Men

The first step in getting a good fit on your new brogues is to try them on. This is important because, once they are on your feet, you will know if they have too much room or not enough. Even if the shoes don’t fit properly, you can always return them.

If the shoes feel too tight when you put them on, then there’s a chance that the shoe will cause blisters. Make sure to buy a pair that’s slightly larger than your normal size so that you have enough room for your toes.

If a shoe feels comfortable but doesn’t provide enough support, it might be time to invest in an orthotic insert. These inserts are designed to provide extra arch support and prevent injury due to over-pronation–a common issue among many people who wear brogues.

Lastly, these shoes require more breaking in than most sneakers do. So if you’re not getting the perfect fit after trying out two different sizes, don’t worry! The break-in process may take some time but it’ll be worth it in the end.