4 Things You Should Know When Choosing the Best Wedding Shoes

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Top Tips for Choosing your Wedding Shoes (and Party Shoes) - Elegante by Michelle J

Most people only get to have their dream wedding day once. As such, they make it a point to go all out and want everything to be perfect, including their wedding shoes. Remember that your wedding is a very vibrant yet very physically-demanding day. With this in mind, you should have the most optimal type of shoe that can get your feet through as you proceed with your wedding day. With this in mind, here are some tips on what you should consider as you buy your wedding shoes.

Schedule in advance

The words wedding and rush should not be put together when planning for an event that you will remember for the rest of your life. Usually, it would be best to buy your wedding shoes first because this is what you will be using as you try on your wedding dress. Buying them in advance or on schedule also allows you to walk in them a few times and have them adjust to the contours of your feet. You can start by browsing online, and you can even opt to create a Pinterest board so you can get a feel on what type of shoe you want to have, and if they will complement your prospective wedding dress.

Always think of the quality

Some people might think: “It will only happen in one day; I can skimp a bit on my shoes.” No! Remember that you will have to physically engage yourself throughout your wedding day. You will dance, you will walk a lot, and you will participate in many other types of activities. You have to ensure that whatever you are going to wear can withstand that type of work and not break or fall apart in the middle of an activity.

Follow your style

Do you want something chic and simple or something fancy and floral? Your shoes should match the style that you want for your wedding dress. If it helps, some brides choose colours that are complementary to the colour scheme of their wedding. Regardless, choosing a shoe that matches your style also contributes to the personal flair of your wedding.

Make sure that you are comfortable

Think of the material of the inner lining of the shoe. Is it comfy? Does it graze your foot when you walk? Think about the height of the heel. Are you wobbling? Are your feet hurting after a short time? As much as we value style, it is more important to choose comfort since it lessens the possibility of any unpleasant experiences during your wedding day. When choosing the lining and heel height of your shoes, you should choose a material and a measurement that you would usually go for if you were going to wear the shoe daily.

Additionally, think about your venue. Will you walk on grass or a cemented surface? Make sure that your shoe won’t contribute to any discomfort as you walk through your venue.


Wedding days are one of the most memorable days anyone can experience. You have to make sure that everything is the best that it can be, even your shoes. With this in mind, try to find a shoe that is of quality, matches your style, and would make you feel comfortable as you proceed with your wedding.