Why Use Pink Nail Colour Polish?

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Nail polish had evolved so much from its roots 3000 BC in Ancient China when polishes were made of natural ingredients, such as egg white, gelatin, beeswax, gum Arabic and vegetable dyes. Today, nail polishes need to be compliant with ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) Cosmetic Compliance and Safety Law and Australian Consumer Law to be sold in retail. These lacquers have undergone major reformulations since it was invented. From the Chinese’s original intention of distinguishing class between the ruling class and the general population, it is now used for nail care and protection.

But did you know that the first patented colour of nail polish is in ? Yes, in Virginia, and it was in the year 1919. It took at least a decade before the fashion on multi-coloured nails caught on. But what is in the colour pink that it continued to become a popular classic colour? It is because the pink shade is a very feminine colour that gives a very cheery vibe. 

If you happen to have plain dull hands, this colour can work wonders. From bright pink to translucent pink shade, the blush colour can do the trick by deflecting attention from your skin and giving your hands that youthful oomph. How can pink nail colour work tricks on your hands?

First, the colour pink signifies good health. If the use of pure bright lemon yellow colour causes eye fatigue, the colour pink soothes. This colour signifies youth and vibrancy.  It is how other people perceive the colour. That is their brain playing tricks on them. So, what does the colour pink tell them about you when they see your hands?

  1. Pastel pink is the shade between light pink and baby pink, which speaks tenderness
  2. Light pink represents a little girl’s colour
  3. Baby pink denotes innocence
  4. Cotton Candy exudes sweetness
  5. Neon pink spells playfulness
  6. Hot pink spells passionate 
  7. Rose pink means feminine

So, what’s the latest pink shade?

The latest pink nail colour that is making waves is the Millennial Pink. This pink shade is not a shade-between or a derivative of red and blue colours, but a whole new shade of pink. The Millennial pink is also called blush pink, delicate pink, Tumblr pink and Scandinavian pink. The Millennials, people born from the early 1980s to mid-1990s, are dubbed as the largest consumer demographic today, and in 2020, there are 1.8 billion millennials in the world or 23% of the world’s population. In Australia, it’s now 8.3 million over a population of 25.6M

Their purchasing power pushes business owners to take their preferences seriously. You cannot miss the splash of millennial pink shades on every café wall, restaurant furniture, complexes, nail salons, boutique shops, gadgets, clothes and accessories. But how can you not consider their whims? They set the trends. You cannot insist on the traditional, or you will lose relatability with this market base. 


Nothing beats a well-cared-for hands. But even if experts say it will take three cycles (of 28 days per cycle) to see improvements on the skin after starting any skin regimen, you’re cool with it. You have your pink nails to show off anyway. Choose the shade of pink you like to try based on your mood.