What is warcore fashion?

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Warcore fashion is influenced by military style. Warcore clothing is often camouflage or other military colors. Also, warcore clothing is often black and worn with combat boots, belts, and backpacks. In addition, the quest for warcore fashion is practically increasing daily.

More so, young people who love the military are often those interested in wearing warcore clothing. Somehow, warcore fashion is confused with techwear. Even though techwear and warcore fashion have similar features, they are not the same.

Warcore vs. Techwear

One of the similarities between warcore and techwear is their love for black color and combat. Also, some techwear is designed with features of camouflage colors. However, warcore fashionista draws their inspiration from the military. Most warcore clothing has a bulletproof vest, multi pockets, and even a gun holder. The warcore fashion is focused on preparing the wearer for combat, even though it’s mainly for aesthetics. In other words, the warcore style is not primarily for safety as it sounds.

Furthermore, techwear clothing is often monochrome and in black. You can barely find any techwear that is not entirely in black color or has a shade of black. Even though warcore clothing is also in black color, it allows darker shades of other colors like brown, blue, green, etc.

How to warcore

The foundation of warcore fashion is based on monochrome colors, but it allows for more advanced combinations. The best way to look like a warcore is to wear an outfit with dark shades. However, warcore attire is not complete without combat boots.

In addition, the warcore dressing can only be complete if you wear combat pants. Don’t forget that military camouflage always has cargo pants. Opt for black cargo pants or a combination of black and other dark colors. If you can, camouflage pants give you the warcore looks you want. Other things you can add to look warcore are:

  • Tactical gloves
  • Warcore vest
  • Combat boots

Where can I buy warcore fashion

You can buy warcore outfits from online clothing shops. Some of the best warcore pants, gloves, etc., are cheaper when you buy from online clothing retailers. However, you can opt for clothing retail stores around you, too, for warcore clothing.

To look warcore, you have to purchase your items individually, unlike other fashion trends where you get them all in one place. While trying to look warcore, don’t impersonate the military, as it could be an offense in some societies if you look warcore and give people the impression that you are a soldier.


Warcore is casual wear and may not be suitable for formal engagements. Furthermore, if you are a handy person like an engineer, carpenter, etc., warcore attire will make you look professional. However, you may not need to wear a vest in some cases. In addition, bikers clubs make warcore fashion their traditional wear. Finally, you can reach out to a fashion agency to help you for your warcore style. Not every fashionist understands a warcore fashion.