What Are Your Favorite Kinds of T-Shirts and Hoodies?

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Summer is the big season for T-shirts and hoodies. This is the time of year when many of us boost our T-shirt inventory in order to stay cool on those hot, summer days. Come winter, we will wear our tees underneath flannels and hoodies. It’s all good.

The wonderful thing about T-shirts and hoodies is that they come in so many forms. You haveassorted colors and cuts. You haveunique styles. You can buy plain T-shirts and hoodies, or alternatives printed with all sorts of graphic designs. The sky is truly the limit.

The Canton Repository recently ran a poll among readers asking about their favorite types of T-shirts and hoodies. It only listed three specific options along with ‘no preference’ and ‘other’. Let’s look at those three options along with a few others added to make this post more complete:

1. Plain

The plain, white T-shirt worn by blue-collar workers back in the 30s and 40s started it all. If you want to go plain today, you are not limited to just white. You can get them in just about any color. Red is a popular one. So are blue, black, and yellow.

The beauty of going with plain is that you can be a bit more formal, at least with T-shirts. For instance, a plain red tee looks just fine with a pair of black dress slacks and a black suit coat. You can look dressed up without having to wear a tie!

2. Graphic

Graphic tees and hoodies feature all sorts of images and slogans. They are truly a dime a dozen. Put all the different graphic designs together and there are probably tens of thousands of them, if not hundreds of thousands. Best of all, there are a lot of retailers that offer custom designs. You choose the image and phrase; they turn it into a T-shirt.

3. Logo

A logo T-shirt or hoodie is distinguished from its graphic counterpart by a corporate logo. Technically, logo T-shirts and hoodies are also graphic, it is just that the graphic is a recognized logo from a known entity. Those tees representing your favorite sports teams are good examples. Their logos are the property of their respective teams and can only be utilized by manufacturers with a license.

4. Ethnic

The first option not on the Repository poll is the ethnic option. What does that mean? Well, consider a New York City company by the name of Plurawl. They sell urban spanishT-shirts, hoodies, and other products posting messages and images from the Hispanic community. Their product line specifically targets those who identify as Latina, Latino, and LatinX. For the record, Plurawl is not the only apparel company with an ethnic focus.

5. Sleeve Length

Perhaps you have a preference in terms of sleeve length. Standard T-shirts have short sleeves. There are also products with long sleeves and three-quarter sleeves. They all qualify as T-shirts because of the material and cut.

6. Hood/No Hoods

We cannot complete this post without briefly discussing hoodies. In the old days, hoodies used to be called sweatshirts. You could get them with or without hoods. Nothing has changed in that respect. It’s just that we now differentiate between the two by referring to the hooded product as a hoodie and the one without a hood as a sweatshirt. They are essentially the same article of clothing with the presence of the hood being the only difference.

So, which is your favorite? If the Repository poll is still running at the time you read this post, why not go take it?