How To Spot A Real Yeezy 350 Desert Sage?

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The Yeezy 350 Desert Sage is one of the hottest sneakers available in the market right now. The reason it became so popular is that whatever the Kardashians or The West family touches instantly sells out in minutes.

This is also one of the main reasons people get duped, and many people buy fake Yeezy 350 Desert Sage. If you also have faced such issues or are just here for precaution, then don’t worry. As we have you covered.

This article will explain a few points that will help you spot a real Yeezy 350 Desert Sage and separate them from the fake.

1- Compare the details on the shoes and the box

If you’re buying from a genuine seller, then you will find that the details given on the box match with the details on the shoes. Inspect the label and compare the tags. The tags are important because they provide you with details about the size, country of origin and manufacture, and the shoe’s serial number. If the details match with the shoes, then you have got a genuine product.

2- The wave pattern will tell you a lot about the shoe

The thing that sets the Yeezy 350, Desert Sage, apart from the fake, is its wave pattern. You might think that the original Yeezy 350 Desert Sage pattern would be in a straight line from front to back. That is not the case. The waves on the original are irregular and follow different wave patterns. The ones on the fake will be printed straight from either top to bottom or from left to right.

3- Inspect the insoles

The soles are removable, and they have the brand name and logo of Adidas. The color of the font on the original will be light grey, whereas the counterfeit has white color. Also, the material of the inner soles will be the same as that of the uppers. The minute detail is that the logo on the insoles and outsoles should be a mirror image in opposite directions.

4- Inspect the outsoles

The original has a genuine part cut out and has a white part with flower-like embossing on them. The fakes do not go through so much struggle. Also, the word Boost is written on the bottom. The flower-like embossing will be soft and mushy when touched, and the fakes will have it strong and rigid.

5- Inspect the middle stitching

You can see the heavy stitching from the middle of the shoe to the outsole on the originals. Touch them, and you will get an idea of why they are called heavy stitching. The stitching should go from the middle to the tip of the outsole.

In conclusion

These points will go a long way in letting you separate a real Yeezy 350 Desert Sage from a fake.