Things to Know Before Purchasing Argyle Pink Diamonds

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In addition to their magnificent and one-of-a-kind pink colours, Argyle Pink Diamonds rank among the most valuable diamonds globally due to their scarcity.

About 90% of the world’s pink diamonds come from the Argyle Diamond Mine in East Kimberley, Western Australia, which has been producing raw diamonds for nearly 40 years. Due to their increasing scarcity and thus higher price tag, buying argyle pink diamonds have become increasingly valuable after the mine’s definitive closure in 2020. However, you can buy Argyle pink diamonds from various retailers in Australia.

It’s unlikely that another pink diamond source will ever be discovered, as the world’s supply of these rare raw jewels is highly restricted. So, the attractiveness of Argyle Pink Diamonds is now beyond what we could have imagined a decade or two ago.

You should search for the certification of the very few Argyle Pink Diamond Select Atelier retailers if you’re considering acquiring one of these gems. If you want one of the few surviving pink diamonds in Australia, you need to work with someone you can trust. According to Argyle, the certification includes information on the Argyle diamond’s specific qualities and a detailed grading report outlining the stone’s weight, shape, colour, and clarity.

In What Way Do Argyle Pink Diamonds Differ From Other Types of Diamonds?

What you’d anticipate from a pink diamond is what you get: a pink diamond produced under extra pressure some billions of years ago. “Fancy Color Diamonds” is the subcategory of diamonds that includes these stones.

A pink diamond’s colour and saturation are used to determine its quality. While all of them are pink, the hues range from purplish pink to pink rose to pink champagne to blue-violet and red, to name just a few.

In addition to Canada and South Africa, pink diamonds have been discovered worldwide, in places like Brazil and Russia. The Argyle mine near Kimberley, Western Australia, is the most well-known. 90% of the world’s pink diamonds come from this single mine. Despite this, just 0.1 per cent of the mine’s yearly production of 20 million carats was classed as pink diamonds.

To figure out the value of a pink diamond, consider the following six factors:

  • Intensity and saturation
  • Light pink diamonds are the most common, followed by fancy pink diamonds, and lastly, vibrant pink diamonds (which is the highest grade)
  • The uniqueness of the diamond’s colour and size
  • Check if a secondary colour is present (i.e. PP is purplish-pink or PC is pink champagne)
  • Carat weight
  • Insightfulness

Buying Pink Diamonds From a Professional Makes Sense

Because Argyle diamonds are so rare and valuable, there’s a solid reason to be cautious while searching for a trustworthy jeweller.

Given the rarity of Argyle Pink Diamonds, finding a jeweller with expertise and certification in the field is essential if you want to avoid being taken advantage of.

In today’s market, it’s a good idea to know how much you can afford to spend on an Argyle Pink Diamond before purchasing it. If the pink colour is darker, rarer, and more costly, this is generally the case. Carat prices for fine Argyle Pink Diamonds may range from 10,000 USD to 700,000 USD per carat, depending on the intensity of the pink.

The price of an Argyle Diamond is determined by the diamond’s colour, tone, and saturation (the strength of the hue).

Pink Diamonds in Argyle Fluff

If you want to acquire some of the world’s rarest gemstones for your collection, you can buy Argyle pink diamonds, loose and in a box. It is an excellent investment option. A loose Argyle pink diamond will always retain its inherent beauty, attractiveness, and value, despite the ever-increasing demand for the gem.