7 Ways to Style Clogs

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You’re not alone if you don’t know how to wear Men Clogs. The beloved clogs are incredibly comfy, but they’re also becoming increasingly fashionable with each new release. Unfortunately, the massive shoes aren’t the most practical silhouette to pair with any outfit despite their allure. Thankfully, fashion experts and influencers have provided some guidance on how to execute them. We selected seven fool-proof ways to style Clogs, ranging from toasty, laid-back looks to effortlessly chic ensembles suitable for formals. If you want to go for a more daring look, follow these tips and customize your pair with a selection of unusual charms. Continue scrolling for those styles, all of which include a pair of adorable Clogs.

  • Moment of Monochrome

A pair of Men Clogs will liven up that monotone shirt and pants. We recommend you to buy men clogs in whites as this is the basic shade, and the monotone with this color hits big for men. 

  • With your regular trousers

If you want to wear something cool yet comfortable to work, opt for men clogs over your formal trouser sets. With your regular office shirt and the pants, neutral shaded ones feel an excellent option. (But yes, ensure you are not bound by office dress code rules to avoid inconveniences.)

  • The Street Style Fashion

Clogs create an excellent combination with your edgy street style look. So slip into your favorite coloured clogs and wear your pants, tee and a jacket over it. You can even add your cool glasses with some accessories for a better touch. 

  • Clogs Over your denim 

A man never says no to denim. You wear the jeans to work, just casually and even when you are off for a picnic. So, it sums up all. When you are flaunting your go-to fashion, adding a super comfy pair of clogs is a must. Rest for the shirt or top; it is your choice what feels most comfortable to you. 

  • Clogs with your comfy shorts

For men, comfort lies in wearing their shorts over a simply cool shirt. Go stylish wearing this essential attire by pairing it with your clogs. The color of the footwear is secondary here. Just ensure you are relaxed wearing them.

  • Clogs With your Ethnic Wear 

Nobody said you could not wear casual clogs with your kurta and pajamas. It can give a unique touch to your festive attire if carried properly. Just remember to color-coordinate your footwear well with your ethnic attire.

  • Clogs over your sweater and jackets

Yes, clogs can be fabulously comfortable footwear for your summer days. But these can be cozy and warm during the winter season too. But, of course, you have to pair it with socks to keep your feet warmer in this situation. And with your sweater and jackets, it will hit well in style.