The Right Directions for Cosplay

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We know that many people (including myself) have a hard time choosing which character to represent, that is to say cosplay, there are still girls and boys who want to cosplay for the first time and who have a hard time finding one, to choose more successful your character can be based on the following points: Start by analyzing your financial situation. With the best cosplay contacts you can have the perfect solutions.

If it is Low:

Try to choose a character with whom you should not change hair, eyes or skin color.

Cosplay of medium difficulty such as a school uniform or a maid costume, any costume that does not have many details or parts that are not made of fabric, as the budget will not be enough.

  • To compensate for this, you can practice the most peculiar poses and gestures of your character which will help you a lot to be recognized, not only by the resemblance but by the way of being and you will overcome any laborious cosplay
  • Accessories such as boots, stockings, it is a question of ingenuity: you can fix some shoes and make them boots only with fomix and some glue, styles of stockings, you can paint them yourself or transform them, if you need washers only buy the cheapest stockings and put the details yourself, it will be much better than Having acquired them made, additionally your cosplay gains more value for creativity.
  • In the case that you want to cosplay and you do not have the same hair color, it is acceptable if you keep the hairstyle of the character, regardless of whether you do not have the hair color, of course if the hair color is not representative of the character, but in those cases you can use strong colored crepe paper, for example: if you need pink, then red crepe paper, if you need light blue, blue crepe paper; a glass of water and plastic gloves.

Put on the gloves, choose a lock of hair, brush it well and moisten it, likewise moisten a little crepe paper with which you can wrap that lock of hair (depending on the length of the hair the size of the paper), wrap it and tighten strong, leave it with a headband for 2 to 3 minutes and remove the pressed paper, as if you were ironing your hair, it will not be well painted but if it simulates a shine of that color.

If it is Medium or High:

You should not worry too much, you can do any cosplay, although what you would have to do more emphasis is on perfecting certain details in some costumes for which who better than you, because you know the costume perfectly.

Despite being able to wear a wig and so on, it is recommended that the skin and hair color be the same as that of the character, since your physical resemblance to the character becomes natural.

Cosplay difficult: Armor, metal body parts, claws, semi-demons, facial make-up such as pointed ears etc.