The Advantage and Disadvantage of Hair Removal Treatment

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Laser hair removal raleigh nc works best on anagen hair (growth phase where the hair follicles are actively growing). Hair surgeons can’t determine the stage of a hair’s growth cycle because there is no exact method. Multiple sessions are needed. Before choosing laser hair remover treatment toms river nj, consider its pros and cons. Is laser hair removal for you? Before addressing this question, people try cheaper and temporary methods. Hair removal options include:

Laser hair removal advantages

  • Laser therapy is painless. You’ll feel like a rubber band pricks your skin.
  • Laser hair removal is permanent and effective. It decreases hair growth so you can skip shaving.
  • Cost-effective laser treatment. The price may surprise you. Using lotions, razors, and waxes for a lifetime is more expensive than laser therapy.
  • In regions like the upper lips, laser hair removal can be completed in minutes. Underarm hair removal takes 5-10 minutes per session. Each session lasts 10-20 minutes, depending on the body part. Complete hair removal takes 4-6 treatments.
  • Laser treatment can be performed on sensitive areas including the chin, upper lip, ear lobes, underarms, shoulders, back, buttocks, public areas, arms, legs, toes, bikini lines, chest, neck, etc.
  • Skilled laser surgeons do laser hair removal safely. Burns and discolouration can be prevented.
  • Larger treatment areas take longer. Laser procedures cover 9*9mm per pulse. In one session, this treatment can cover legs, chest, and back.
  • Unlike temporary methods, laser therapy prevents finer and ingrown hairs.
  • Laser treatment doesn’t fully remove undesirable hairs, but they regenerate more finer, lighter, and fewer.

Laser hair removal disadvantages

  • Laser hair removal is temporary. Laser hair removal is permanent.
  • Laser hair removal is a lengthy process that cannot be completed in a single session. 4-6 sessions are required.
  • As noted, many people can’t afford to pay a large sum at once. Laser therapy is a beauty investment.
  • Hyperpigmentation (darker skin) or hypopigmentation (skin becomes lighter). These indications will disappear in a few weeks.
  • Untrained hair surgeons may cause scars or burns. Before surgery, study your surgeon’s background.
  • Laser treatment requires eye protection.
  • You shouldn’t remove eyebrows and genital hair with a laser. It’s not for everyone.
  • Dark hair with fair skin will need fewer sessions. Fairer hair and darker complexion require more sessions, but the correct equipment can produce remarkable results. Darker skin types need longer laser wavelengths [1].
  • Laser hair removal isn’t indicated for pregnant women, those with diabetes, heart disease, skin issues, or infections. If you’re under 17, surgeons don’t advocate this treatment.

Laser hair removal depends on the surgeon’s knowledge, experience, and skill. It’s important to select a reputable clinic with a hair surgeon who can conduct laser hair removal successfully. Visit us at our website now to learn more about IPL hair removal treatment.