Rock The Grunge Look This Winter With These Simple Hacks

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If you grew up as a teenager in the 80’s or 90’s, you were fortunate to grow in the golden age of the grunge rock culture. Everything, from music to fashion, was about chic, edgy, and statement pieces. And the best part, it’s all coming back in 2021! 

So, if you are smitten by this era of aesthetic grunge outfits, it’s probably time to start prepping for the upcoming winters. Sporting the grunge rock girl look while still keeping yourself warm might be a little tricky in the beginning. But worry not. Follow through this blog to learn some simple hacks that’ll help you nail the look in a budget-friendly way in no time. Read on. 

Basics First – Understanding the Grunge Culture

Grunge fashion came around to be popular by the mid-’80s and well into the ’90s. It started in the Northwestern frontiers of the US. It was the same time that grunge rock bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam took the nation (and the world) by the storm! 

Fashion is not just what people wear; it’s much more than what meets the eye. Likewise, grunge clothes (Plaited flannel shirts, tartan skirts, slip dresses, chokers, and ripped mommy jeans) all represented the societal setup and general public emotions of the time. There are many aspects that inspired this era of fashion, but next-gen rebel was the main one. 

Acing the Grunge Winter Look – Hacks and Tips

When you think of grunge women’s fashion, what’s the one big picture that comes to your mind? 

Even if you talk of only the classic look, it’s probably women wearing checkered flannel long line shirts with a pair of tartan skirts/shorts. And if you throw in some nice fishnet stockings or a pair of warm tights, you are good to go for the winters. The basic trick to rock a grunge girl look in the cold frigid winter is to make layers your BFF. 

  • Pair Feminine with Unisexual Accessories

One of the main features of the Grunge Rock culture was there were no gender boundaries. Everyone could wear the same clothes and still look strikingly different if they wanted. A great way to use your pretty prom fit and flair red dress in your grunge look is by pairing it with chunky boots, a classic black leather jacket, in-your-face accessories, and, of course, leg warmers!

  • Layers and More Layers

Unless you think Nirvana songs can keep you warm through the night, you probably need layers for comfort. Add tights or wool stockings or any leg warmer under your shorts and skirts, put on an aesthetic plaid oversized shirt over a black hoodie, and you are ready to grunge the evening away without freezing to death. 

Summing Up

Over the decades, grunge fashion has seen a lot of cultural variations to suit different contexts. But the essence is still the same – it’s dressing down but still making a statement. Here’s hoping hacks will help pump your winter wardrobe to create head-turning grunge looks every single time. 

Rock away!