Importance of Paraben Free Products in Skin Care

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Parabens have long been a part of every personal care product that you have used till now. Most companies have been using some kind of paraben in their product to increase its shelf life. People have never complained about serious side effects from parabens, except from a few where the quantity of parabens has been in much excess of the usual or where quality has been compromised for price.

However, now with changing times and enhanced awareness of consumers, demand for paraben free products is on a rise, with many aware consumers totally boycotting paraben laced products on the shelves.

What are the side effects from parabens?

Before understanding side effects of parabens, it is important to understand parabens first. So, in layman’s language- parabens are a type of preservative that is used by manufacturers in beauty industry to enhance the shelf life of their products.

Parabens have been in use in beauty products since 1920’s, but with more and more people using different types of cosmetics in regular use, serious side effects from regular and prolonged use of parabens in beauty products have started to affect many people in their daily life.

Minor complications like itching, redness of skin, irritation, flaking and hives have become a common scenario, with more serious complications like skin cancer also increasing disproportionately. So, if you wish to avoid all such side effects of chemicals on your skin, you should avoid cheap chemical laced products at all cost.

How should you avoid paraben laced products?

So, if you are going to a salon for any routine hygiene work or styling, just confirm with the reception or the stylist, which products they are using in their salon. If you are going for your shave or mustache work, you can ask them to use only non-synthetic paraben free premium skin care products for men before they start their work. This way, you not only save yourself from the harmful effects of paraben that is prevalent in most products, but you also promote companies that have taken the initiative to bring paraben free products to you.

However, if you shave your beard, cut your mustaches, or shampoo your hair at home, you can buy most of these personal care products online from registered website of companies worldwide.



Where to buy paraben free products in India?

Although, not many companies in India are manufacturing premium hair styling product for men or premium skin care products for men, but still there are a few companies selling high quality, paraben free products online through their official websites to provide and popularize such products with actual consumers.

Truefitt and Hill are one of the leading international brands that have opened their salon in India. They are offering huge discounts on their premium products and services in India so that people can enjoy the luxury and experience the class of English gentleman services in their country.

Most Truefitt and Hill cosmetics and personal care products are natural and paraben free so that you don’t experience the irritation, redness and ill effects of dangerous chemicals that come with cheap personal care products.