Offer Your Eyebrows An Extra Gorgeous Glimpse With Microblading

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Are You Exhausted From Filling Your Eyebrows Every Damn Day To Look More Beautiful?

And when you started exploring other semi-permanent or permanent solutions, you discovered the new term called Microblading. So, let me begin with the invention of this term, Dr. Linda Dixon invented this concept, and in today’s time, it is famous in NYC, Known as Microblading NYC. Also, the perfect thing about this treatment is that a specialist in Microblading will build the impression of naturally full brows on any skin.

You know Microblading is an exact solution, but you still have some doubts about whether it is comfortable; Microblading is a tattoo or not and its costs and duration. So, for this, we have done some research and collected complete information about Microblading. But adding into this, if you belong to New York or have planned to visit here, do your Microblading treatment here only as Microblading in NYC will give you a worthwhile experience. Before moving further, know what exactly it is Microblading?

It is a semi-permanent type of eyebrow art that will build a good shape suited to your face and last for 12 to 18months. And this process is done with the help of the tool, which looks just like a regular pen with the nib, but the pen’s needle will scratch the texture to create the bows still; this process is not that painful.

Is Microblading Safe?

Microblading is just like a cosmetic tattoo, which is considered stable, and 99% of people don’t get any problem from this treatment.

What Is The Difference Between Microblading And Brows Tattoo?

The significant difference between Microblading and brow tattooing is that Microblading treatment is done on the skin’s surface, not like tattooing in which the layers go deeper. Also, tattooing is the permanent solution, but Microblading will start fading after 18 months. The most crucial part of Microblading is that the hairs will look more natural than any tattooing.

Here Are Some Bits Of Advice You Should Follow Before Your Microblading Treatment:

  • Drop the idea of doing wax or pick before one week of your appointment.
  • Don’t try facial on your skin before two weeks.
  • The most important is to stop using Vitamin A products before one month and stop taking Vitamin E before one week.
  • Avoid sitting in sunlight two weeks before.
  • Don’t drink alcohol 1 or 2 days earlier.
  • Avoid drinking coffee 2 hours ago.

Do follow this advice to have a fantastic result of Microblading. Discussing the prices varies, but talking about Microblading NYC prices lies between $385-$2000. But keep in mind to choose a specialist, also ask that person about the risks and benefits. So, choose accordingly and have a wonderful Microblading experience.


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