6 Best Natural Face Washes In India For Radiant Skin

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When it comes to cleansing your skin, you can never go wrong with natural or Ayurvedic products. These products are free of harsh chemicals and thus, safe for your skin.

By using a natural face wash every day, you can restore your skin’s glow and texture. It will deeply cleanse your skin and leave it soft and supple.

To help you out, we have reviewed six of the best natural face washes available in the Indian market.

Here you go with the list:

  1. HERBCIENCE – Revitalizing Pro-Collagen FACE WASH

HERBCIENCE Revitalizing Pro-Collagen Face Wash is ideal for people dealing with acne. It contains important Phyto-components like Saponins,having strong exfoliation properties. This helps remove excess oil, dirt, and other pollutants.

It deep cleanses your pores and leaves your skin feeling smooth. The presence of usheera, lemongrass, and Aloe Vera ensures good results.

Regular application will not only prevent acne but will also smoothen your skin. Also, it is made of 100% natural ingredients with no chemicals, artificial fragrance, colours, etc.

  • Recommended by Doctors
  • Compliant with EWG, and MADE SAFE
  • Certified by ECOCERT-Cosmos Natural
  • Fresh herbs for effective performance
  • Acts as an anti-aging agent

Its key ingredients are:

  • Orange peel for healthy skin
  • Lodhra for excellent exfoliating and cleaning
  • Manjista for preventing acne
  • Usheera for preventing breakouts

Price: Rs 295 for 200ml

Shelf life: 17 months


HERBCIENCE is a brand specializing in natural and safe beauty and personal care products. It is founded by Dr. Vikram S, an eminent Ayurveda expert.

  1. Mama Earth Vitamin C Face Wash

Mama Earth Vitamin C Face Wash is another great for your face. Adding this amazing formula to your skincare routine can benefit your skin in many ways.

It helps eliminate excess dirt, oil, and skin fatigue. It contains the goodness of turmeric and vitamin C that makes your skin glow.

This formulation is developed to repair your skin by increasing blood circulation and boosting collagen production. You should use this product for healthy and radiant-looking skin. The good thing is that it is ideal for all skin types.

  • Perfect for daily use
  • Helps retain moisture, while controlling excess oil
  • Fights free radical damage

Its key ingredients are:

  • Vitamin C for smooth and firm skin
  • Aloe Vera for moisturization
  • Turmeric for exfoliating and cleaning

Price: Rs 249 for 100ml

Shelf life: 24 months

Mamaearth Brand was founded by husband-wife duo Varun Alagh and Ghazal Alagh. Before becoming entrepreneurs, Varun Alagh worked as a brand manager in FMCG companies and Ghazal Alagh was a corporate trainer.

  1. SoulTree Ayurvedic Indian Rose Face Wash With Turmeric & Honey

Indian Rose Face with Turmeric & Honey from SoulTree is the best natural face wash for people with dry skin. This moisturizing face wash has important ingredients that keep your skin hydrated all day long.

This face wash is perfect for daily use. It contains turmeric and fresh extracts from Indian rose. It not only deep cleans your face, but also maintains the elasticity of your skin.

Aloe Vera extracts restore the lost moisturization and hydrate your skin. It also gives you a refreshing feeling and makes your skin feel smooth.

  • Rich in antioxidant properties
  • Keeps your skin well-nourished
  • Heals and prevents blemishes

Its key ingredients are:

  • Indian rose to support skin elasticity
  • Turmeric to prevent blemishes
  • Honey for skin hydration
  • Aloe Vera for a refreshing feel

Price: Rs 895 for 120ml

Shelf life: 24 months

SoulTree was founded by Vishal Bhandari, who was into fashion business before entering the entrepreneurial journey.

  1. Juicy Chemistry Tamanu, Kakadu Plum, and Frankincense Face Wash

Unveil a glowing complexion and even skin tone with this organic face wash from Juicy Chemistry. It is a unique formula that contains the qualities of Kakadu plum, Tamanu, and Frankincense oil.

It contains powerful antioxidant properties that make your skin look healthy. With daily use, it can thereby remove pigmentation, scars, and blemishes.

The rich astringent properties of Frankincense oil help tighten and improve the texture of your skin. In other words, it reduces the signs of aging. This uniquely formulated face wash is perfect for normal to combination skin.

  • Deeply cleanses your skin pores
  • Promotes even skin tone
  • Restores skin’s natural moisture

Its key ingredients are:

  • Tamanu oil for deep nourishment
  • Kakadu plum oil for even-toned and healthy skin
  • Frankincense essential oil for soothing skin
  • Rosehip to lighten scars and blemishes

Price: Rs 750 for 100ml

Shelf life: 9 months from manufacturing & 6 months from opening

Juicy Chemistry was founded by Pritesh Asher and Mega Asher. Before becoming entrepreneurs Pritesh Asher was into petrochemical business and Mega Asher was a part of the fashion industry.

  1. Kama Ayurveda Rose Jasmine Face Cleanser

This Rose Jasmine Face Cleanser from Kama Ayurveda is one of the best products you can get for your skin. It is a gentle foaming face wash with a rich blend of herbal and natural ingredients. It helps deep cleanse your skin and remove all impurities.

It contains the goodness of Aloe Vera juice, which smoothes and heals your skin. The blend of black cumin and vetiver root protects against pollutants.

With the help of this natural face wash, you can minimize fine lines and rejuvenate your skin like never before.

  • Has excellent hydrating and emollient properties
  • Makes your skin feel soft and moisturized
  • Reduces signs of aging as well as skin scarring

Its key ingredients are:

  • Aloe Vera for skin hydration
  • Black cumin for treating skin ailments
  • Vetiver roots to reduce skin irritation
  • Jojoba oil to prevent greasy skin texture

Price: Rs 550 for 50ml

Shelf life: 24 months

  1. Forest Essentials Delicate Facial Cleanser Kashmiri Saffron & Neem

Dead skin cells accumulating on your skin can make it look dull. But with Forest Essentials Delicate Facial Cleanser, you can easily get rid of dead skin cells from your skin. It is also effective in removing light makeup and toxins.

This natural formula helps clear clogged pores, without stripping the moisture content off your skin. It contains the powerful qualities of Neem and Kashmiri Saffron, instead of harsh sulfates.

  • Infused with purifying herbs, it deeply cleanses and replenishes your skin.
  • Clears clogged pores
  • Restores the natural moisture of your skin
  • Adds a natural glow to your complexion

Its key ingredients are:

  • Saffron for a warm, glowing complexion
  • Honey to protect skin from damage
  • Kewda for cooling and antioxidant properties
  • Neem for purifying and healing your skin

Price: Rs 1395 for 200ml

Shelf life: 24 months

Using natural or herbal face wash can make your skin naturally beautiful. Instead of torturing your skin with chemical-based products, you should switch to using natural products.