Mistakes You Can Avoid When You Plan Your Jewellery Purchase Properly

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A diamond jewellery purchase is a personal event you want to celebrate. Diamond jewelleries are luxurious and elegant pieces that symbolize love, sophistication, and commitment. But purchasing them is not a simple process. Given the many colours, cuts, and certifications to examine, the buying experience can turn into a frustrating experience when not done with a good plan. 

While a diamond’s colour and carat are easy to determine, its cut and clarity are more complicated. As you understand the stone’s clarity, check out for potential flaws and speak with a reputable jeweller like Bijouterie Atelier Lou for guidance. In addition, you need to understand the diamond’s cut. Differences in cut can increase or decrease the price of the stone by 10% on average. A high-quality cut is determined by the stone’s ability to reflect light to sparkle and glow. If you are buying a piece of diamond jewellery, you must review these four selling factors to get the best quality and price. Also, with a proper plan and your knowledge of diamonds, you can avoid making some mistakes such as the following:

Not Learning About Diamond Certifications

Gemological institutions certify diamonds after an inspection and review of their quality. Certified diamonds in Canada come with a Certificate of Authenticity that guarantees it Canadian origin. Non-certified diamonds are rated by separate quality assurance inspections and provided with non-certified documentation. Certified diamonds have been checked for quality and have proof of appraisal. Because of this, they tend to be more expensive and not available in a huge selection. Meanwhile, non-certified diamonds are more affordable; however, their price can be manipulated due to the lack of proof of appraisal. Therefore, you should know the kind of diamond to purchase. Take your time to examine the documentation of every diamond piece to ensure you pay a fair price for it. 

Opting for Size Over Quality

A lot of people who buy diamond jewellery value the size of their pieces over their quality. Because diamonds are known to shine and glow, people will want to invest in the largest rock they can have access to. But failure to check the diamond’s colour and clarity can result in them getting lower-quality stones. While it’s easy to develop an obsession with carat size, purchasing diamond jewellery only to show off the size of a ring may lead to frustration. The real pride lies in your ability to source a piece of jewellery with high-quality diamonds, no matter the size.