Leather Fabric Guide- Just What You Need to Know

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Tanned animal skin is used to make leather, which is a natural fabric. Leather, thought to be the earliest cloth made by human hands, has developed substantially over millennia. Due to its durability, water resistance, insulative characteristics, and sensual softness, leather remains one of the most desired textile goods. Leather is one of the most versatile natural materials, with a wide range of shapes, grades, and colors. Hugo Bloom is known for producing the best quality leather garments.

Preparation for tanning

Before tan leather can be made, a detached animal skin must be fleshed, which is the process of removing flesh and film from the rear of the hide. The hide is then stretched before going through a dehydration process that includes air drying, salting, or pickling. This process is required because animal hides disintegrate quickly after being removed from the animal.


When hides arrive at a tannery, they are soaked in a lime and water combination to release hair and other unwanted tissue. Following that, these chemicals are removed by a machine. After washing to remove any lime residue, the hides are bated, which is a color-boosting process that eliminates a non-fibrous protein. After the skins have been pickled as a last softening process by leather makers, they are ready to be tanned. 

What is the purpose of leather?

It is possible to employ leather products for a variety of purposes, like as apparel and home décor.

Garments: Leather is commonly used for clothing items such as coats, pants, dresses, blouses, and more.

Shoes: Due to the durability and beauty of leather, leather shoes are quite popular. There are many types of footwear that are made from leather such as boots, loafers, and high heels.

Furniture: Leather is a common upholstery material for sofas and chairs, especially in the United States. Leather is typically used to cover car seats, and leather interiors are common in luxury vehicles.

As a material for hardcover bookbinding, leather is a common choice, and it is also used for some book covers. Many books are bound with vegetable-tanned leather. 

Varieties of leather used for clothing

Faux fur clothing leather: Sheepskin with fine wool is usually used for this. Hair-on leather and double-face fur skin leather are the two types of fur garment leathers available. For example, in the case of hair-on, all attention is focused on the hair or fur, and the fur is processed to make it soft, shiny, etc. Two sides of a double-faced fur skin can be used.

Grain leather for garments: Leathers in this category are finished on the grain side with resin or protein. Typically, they are made from red hair or wool sheepskins. These are now made from goatskins as well as cow sides, such as Nappa.

Suede leather for clothing: A term derived from the French “gants de Suede” (Swedish gloves) and applied to a leather that has been buffered on the flesh side to create a velvet-like nap.