Learn how to choose the ideal lingerie for your body type

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Knowing your body type is essential, not only to know the clothes that most favor you, but also the right luxury lingerie for you. Nowadays, we have several models and models of panties and bras and knowing how to choose the ideal lingerie for your body type can make an incredible difference in the look.

Hiding that imperfection that we don’t like, reducing the tummy, giving more structure to the breasts and even gaining curves is possible with the right choice of lingerie. It is recommended to buy the perfect Luxury lingerie that suits you. Buy them online at affordable prices form a reputed online store. There must be no compromise in quality and size. So stay tuned to find out what type of lingerie suits you.

What is my body type?

Not all women know your biotype, and for you to choose lingerie it is essential that you know yourself first of all. Therefore, the types of bodies are divided into:

Triangle or pear shaped body

In this type of body, the shoulders are smaller than the hips. Waist and arms are thin and well designed, and the breasts are small to medium. The ideal lingerie for the pear body is one that enhances the breasts and reduces the proportions of the hips. For the bra, the models with prints usually value small breasts, creating the illusion that they are bigger. Half-cup models are the most suitable. As for the panties, prefer the models with wider sides and a slightly higher waist.

Straight body

The body in a straight shape has no curves. For those who have the body this way, you need to wear lingerie to gain curves. You can use everything that has a little more volume to get little curves. To give the illusion of fuller breasts, prefer the half-cup models with darker prints and a light background.

Oval shaped body

Who has an oval body, needs to use luxury lingerie to create curves and disguise the volume of the waist. Functional lingerie fits very well in these cases as well as reducing bras.

Inverted triangle shape body

In this type of body, the upper region is larger than the hip, so the most suitable bras are those without bulges, which serve to attenuate the size of the breasts, but also need to give good support both on the straps and on the sides. Prefer the flat models and without many details. Already in panties, you need to balance the proportions. The best models are the ones that have details on the sides like lace and ruffles.

Hourglass or eight-shape body

Those who have this type of body have an easier time choosing lingerie, because the proportions of the body are more harmonious. Use panties that have thin sides and bras with small prints or plain color. Half-cup models are the most suitable. Measure the size of your breasts taking into account your back. After all, it is essential to find pieces that balance the combinations of these measures. Tight bras can mark and are ultra uncomfortable, while the wide ones do not give the necessary support.