How to Select the Right Adult Trike

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If you feel your riding days are gone, think once again. You have a better option in form of a 3 wheel bike made especially for adults to stay keep active and in proper shape. Here is your simple guide to purchasing your adults tricycle. Being an adult, riding a bike that comes with an extra wheel actually means something different. And to shift from the normal bicycle with 2 wheels to 3 wheel bicycles is a way to maintain the activeness and boost it further.

How to Select the Adult Tricycle?

When you are out looking for the best tricycle for adults, there are many factors that you need to consider. As you are not possible to take the tricycle on mountain trail and endurance course, you may focus instead on fit and comfort.

  • Seat: When choosing an adult tricycle, seat plays an important role to have a comfortable and nice ride. You need to look for one, which is supportive and firm, but not very hard, particularly if you will take the long rides. For right positioning, make sure your knee aligns with your foot ball with a pedal running properly.
  • Handlebars: You need to keep your elbows slightly bent & head raised without putting strain on the neck. Suppose you find staring at a ground when gripping your bike handlebars, they’re very far away.
  • Frame & seat height: Search for the adjustable seat height and ensure that your feet reach to the ground properly. You must change the height of the seat to suit you easily.

Your riding position is one important comfort factor that you need to pay attention, and most of the ergonomic posture allows you to sit upright. With sitting in natural way, you must extend the legs when pedaling.

Things to know about the adult trikes

There are different types of features and models available, but three trike styles will be powered by the foot pedals or hand-crank. It makes them ideal exercise equipment for the seniors & people who have balance issues.

Trikes serve people with the lower and upper body weaknesses, and disabilities that prevent individuals to enjoy several benefits of riding the traditional and upright bicycle.

Final Words

Adult trikes have many available choices in braking systems. Pedal braking and coaster braking are very useful for the people who are suffering from arthritis and minimal hand strength; and for people who can’t use their legs, for them hand brakes will work best.