How to Look Stylish in Japan Traditional Clothes

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There are so many beautiful traditional Japanese clothes out there. Having too many choices can make things difficult when you want to make a choice or change your wardrobe. Options range from the popular unisex kimono to the casual yukata, the hakama to the fundoshi, Samue, and jinbei to Haori and hakama to mention a few. Japanese traditional clothing is beautiful, colorful, and boldly represents the culture.

The Evolution of Traditional Japan Clothing

As with many cultures evolving all over the world today, foreigners like to dress up in Japanese traditional clothes. So, whether you’re a foreigner visiting Japan or you’re a Hon kokujin (a native), a male or a female, this article will provide you helpful tips on how to look stylish in Japanese traditionnal clothes.

The Global Sensation: Kimono, Obi and Pokkuri

The kimono is more or less the most popular Japanese traditional attire out there. It is usually crafted by hand and made with fabrics such as silk, linen, cotton, polyester, etc. Although it is unisex clothing, women’s kimonos differ from men’s. Women’s outfits are usually more colorful with elaborate patterns in contrast to the men’s plain colors.

Before World War II, the Japanese donned kimonos and other traditional clothing daily. Today, the Japanese opt for Western clothing and wear their kimonos mainly at cultural festivals. There are also new styles of kimonos that make them look less traditional and more western.

How To Style The Kimono

You can style your kimono with an obi. Obi is a sash or belt worn at the waist and can be worn by both men and women. The women’s obi is designed in colorful patterns and is wider. The obi for men is plainer and narrower.

After wearing your kimono and wrapping it at the waist with an obi, you can pair them up with pokkuri. Pokkuri is also be called okobo. They are similar to sandals often worn by ladies. They are made from wood and mostly decorated with small bells. With your kimono, obi, and pokkuri you feel the spirit of the Japanese culture more on a personal level no matter where you are.

Yukata and Kanzashi

Yukata is a type of kimono, only that it is more casual and affordable than an actual kimono. Usually, because of the lightness of the fabric, it is an ideal outfit for the summer. Most foreigners visiting Japan prefer to buy them as souvenirs before leaving the nation.

How To Style The Yukata

A kanzashi is a decorative hair ornament used by women to style their hair. As a woman, you can style the yukata with the kanzashi. The kanzashi complements the yukata by bringing your style alive.

Tabi and Zori

Japanese people traditionally cover their feet with the Tabi. A Tabi is a are traditional Japanese sock that is made of cotton. Tabi help protect your feet and keep them warm all day. You can combine your Tabi with Zori. Zori is sandals that can be made of leather, straw, rubber, or wood. They’re beautiful sandals that can be worn with a kimono or yukata.


No doubt, traditional Japanese attires are beautiful and they also allow you to take a touch of culture everywhere you go. These helpful tips will help you to make the most out of your outfits.