How to Choose Bed Sheets for a Good Night’s Sleep

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Various factors contribute to restful sleep. One such key factor is the thin layer between you and your mattress. YES! A bed sheet. Bedsheets can make or break your sleep. Hence, it is important that you buy bedsheets of good quality. 

There are an array of bed sheets available in the market that often tends to confuse a buyer. Especially when you are buying bedsheets online, it can get even more confusing.  

To ease out your bedsheet shopping, we have put together a foolproof guide on how to choose the perfect bedsheet for a good night’s sleep. 

Pick The Right Fabric 

Bed sheets are available in various materials such as linen, polyester, cotton, satin, and many more. But not all these fabrics are considered to be perfect for bedsheets. Consider the breathability and comfort of material before buying a bedsheet.

The best bedsheet fabric is cotton, without a doubt. It is versatile and an all-weather material. Additionally, it is hypoallergenic and hence suitable for all skin types. 

Know the Thread Count 

Thread count is the number of vertical and horizontal threads or yarns per square inch of material. All bed sheets have a thread count that indicates how tightly woven a piece of fabric is. It also suggests the quality of bedsheets.

Thus, before you lock on a bed sheet, ensure its thread count. A high-quality bed sheet ranges from anywhere between 300 to 600. This range of thread count is an indicator of the softness and durability of the bedsheet. 

Check the Care Label

People often overlook the care label. This leads to a wrong purchase most times. Hence, examine the care label attached to the corner of a side of the bedsheet.

Know the care and maintenance required and the things to be avoided. This step also helps you save your expenses. For instance, a care label with ‘Dry Clean Only’ written on it can cost you considerably more to maintain. 

Fitted and Flat Sheet

Buy both a fitted sheet and a flat sheet. A fitted sheet is also known as the bottom sheet. The purpose of a fitted sheet is to protect and cover the mattress. This fitted bottom sheet has elastic on the seam of the sheet on each side. A flat sheet is traditionally considered the bed sheet, which is layered on top of the fitted sheet. It is a rectangular piece of cloth in different sizes as per your mattress requirements. Hence, both a fitted sheet and a flat sheet are necessary. 

Another few factors you should consider while buying a bedsheet are its dimensions, the color (it plays a great role in your sleeping pattern), and the design. 

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Happy Shopping!