Handbags That You Must Add to Your Collection

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Handbags are a fashion staple for almost every woman out there, and it is something that every modern woman must-have in the closet. These make things easy for us to carry around daily essentials. These are the ideal accessories for dressing up or adding some bonus points to an outfit. There is a wide range of styles available for different occasions and style preferences.

So, adding an appropriate style of bag to your dress will help you get all the attention, but also, the right bag on your arm will give you a graceful look. From the bucket to the belt bag, here are the handbag styles that will help you nail the trend.

Types of Bags:    

Shoulder Bags:

Even though it is called the shoulder bag, these have both short handles and longer ones. Women generally prefer to hold the handles of this fashion accessory and sometimes wear it on the arm to give a casual look. You can find the shoulder bag in various materials, hues and designs. These bags are usually rectangular and flat and are manufactured from high-quality leather. Also, they have dual handles.

Tote Bags

You can find different styles of tote bags, and they come in many colors and prints. These are pretty similar to the shoulder bags but are often larger and have a large room for shopping purposes. The idea of using these bags is to fit in some recently purchased items for your ease.

Crossbody Bags

The crossbody bags make life easier for women as they are huge and fit in many things. These bags allow you hands-free while you have other items to carry. As the name suggests, they have a long strap that is genuinely designed to be worn across your body.


The satchels are almost like crossbody bags, but they are more specific in terms of shape. While the crossbody bags are primarily square or circular and have a clasp fastening or zip, satchels are almost rectangular and dual buckle fastening with an envelope flap. These are best for “Everyday handbags.”

The Clutch

The clutch bags are perfect for a special night on the town, date night or formal occasions. There are plenty of options available to suit your budget and personal taste. The only disadvantage of carrying a clutch bag is the amount of space.

The Bucket

The bucket bags earned their name because of their unique silhouette. These bags have a long crossbody strap and sometimes a short belt. The bucket bag is the larger bag that has plenty of storage for all your essentials, and they make it functional and fashionable.

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