Guide on Getting Ready For Prom Jewelry Edition

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It’s officially the prom season and we have a lot to unpack for it.

While a lot of ladies will worry about their dates getting the right corsage and boutonniere, the color and style of their dresses, and whether or not their friend group has rented a limousine —there’s something that you shouldn’t overlook and that’s your prom jewelry. 

But don’t worry because we made the perfect guide to make sure that your jewelry will match your whole outfit and help you shine your way towards Prom Queen. Here are some handy styling tips and jewelry ideas for you to use for your upcoming prom event.

  1. Your Dress —or Suit, Will Determine Your Jewelry Style

The majority of prom dresses, or suits, are all fashionable these days so you don’t really have to worry about which one you’ll get. After all, choosing which outfit to wear for prom is only half of the battle. 

But it’s nevertheless important. Before you jump into choosing which jewelry goes best for prom, have your outfit ready and plan your hairstyle. That includes your dress, your shoes, and even your clutch. All of these are important in making sure that your jewelry style will be cohesive with your look.

  1. Bring Out The Tiaras and Bejeweled Hairbands 

It’s not every day that you get to wear sparkling jewelry headpieces and still be appropriate for the occasion. Your prom is the perfect place to bring out specialty jewelry to add the right spice to your look. 

When choosing a prom tiara or headband, try to keep things on a smaller scale so as to not make you look like a pageant contestant. Something small but bright and sparkly will add the right pizzazz to your outfit. 

A mixture of pearl and gem for your jewelry headpiece is the perfect option to keep things classy and elegant. This combination matches almost any dress style and color.

  1. Wear Back Necklaces for a Fresh Take on Jewelry

If you’re tired of the usual princess and choker necklaces that are guaranteed to be worn by almost every girl at the dance, then why not consider a back necklace?

Back necklaces are the newest trend when accessorizing for formal events and they are super hot in today’s wholesale necklaces shops. They’re effortlessly chic and will accentuate your figure. They’re also pretty versatile with minimalist and maximalist options. However, back necklaces do have a limit when it comes to outfit choices.

For obvious reasons, dresses with low back cuts are the best design when you want to wear a back necklace. However, if you can’t wear this particular dress design (maybe for dress code reasons), the back necklace still goes well with a tight-fitted neutral dress with no busy patterns or frills. You can opt for a back necklace with a silver chain because it contrasts well with most colors.

  1. Earring Cuffs for a More Accentuated Look

Take your hairstyle to the next level by pairing it with an earring design that can frame your face and accentuate your look.

When choosing an earring design, try to choose the opposite of the designs of your upper features. For example, if the top of your dress is quite busy (may it be the design itself or your necklace), then choose a simplistic earring that won’t clash. If you have a minimalist style on your dress, then you have more room to choose for the design of your statement earrings.

But when in doubt, you can choose from the wide array of earring cuffs to complete your look. It’s classic, simple, and goes with any hairstyle or dress. If you don’t have multiple piercings on your ears, then don’t worry because there are clip-on earring cuffs that don’t need any additional piercings. 

  1. Stacked Rings Are Your Go-To

Your prom night is where you can go crazy over your jewelry and stacked rings are always fool-proof. You’d be surprised at how much wearing the right rings will elevate your overall look and it doesn’t even take a lot of time in deciding which ones you should wear.

Stacked rings with discrete designs are great for giving balance and continuity to your style. While they’re not attention-grabbers, they provide a sense of delicateness that ladies love when styling for prom night. 

On the other hand, a colorful ring with a large crown is a great focal point for stacking rings. If you’re not used to wearing and styling multiple rings, having one large ring that you get to build with smaller ones will make things easier. It’s a matter of trial and error so definitely plan your costume jewelry pieces ahead of prom night.

  1. Try Body Jewelry for a Change

Uniqueness is something that is very much welcome at prom. While you can wear necklaces and earrings daily, body jewelry is usually reserved for special occasions. So why not bring them out?

Body jewelry is basically strings of jewelry that you wear around different parts of your body. It can be anything from jewelry sleeves, harnesses, and even hand jewelry. You can wear it under your dress as a peek-a-boo jewelry or over it to add another design element. If you have difficult times finding appropriate body jewelry, I suggest you check some of the major jewelry shops such as Etsy, JewelryBund and Apmbodyjewelry, at least you can get some inspiration or ideas about what you are really looking for.

Fair warning though, if you’re doing the latter, then make sure that the design of your dress is not too maximalist or has any major fabric manipulation. Adding a piece of body jewelry to a dress that is designed too busy will make the whole look confusing. If you’re layering body jewelry on top of your outfit, then make sure that your dress is on a neutral side of the design. 

Prom night is definitely a big deal for a lot of people. It’s one of the peak moments of your teenage years and it’s natural to be excited even over the smallest things. But no matter what the rules are for jewelry, it’s important to remember that prom night is yours alone. Express yourself the best way you know how and if wearing over-the-top jewelry is your way to do it, then so be it.